The No nonsense Attitude

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This seems to be the year of growth from me. I am going through a lot of changes in my life all at once at home, at work, mental and oh boy physical too! But I wanted to get somethings off my chest in hopes that maybe some other person specially females out there might relate and learn a thing or two to adjust their own attitudes in life.

Rewind 2 years ago I was everyone’s escape goat, someone who trusted people easily, Always giving everyone benefit of the doubt! Thinking oh man I should continue being the bigger person and let them act like immature childish two year old, I can take it I am an adult. But guess what happens at the end of the day? You get tired, you get annoyed and things start getting to you! Why is it your problem that they need to learn to be the grown  mature adults that they need to? Why can’t they go on with their sorry life continue on the path of destruction elsewhere?

I am not sure how or what brought on the change in me but it only seems to be getting stronger. I have come to a conclusion:

“Nice people need to have a no nonsense attitude, just like the super heroes! ”

Now you must be wondering who are these aforementioned kind people and what is their no nonsense attitude?

Kind people are people who want to save the world, who want to counsel people, make sure everyone is happy and everything is peachy clean, birds are chirping and there is peace all around them. What most such people lack is the no nonsense attitude which is: I will be the kindest person you’ll meet till your cross me and no I am not going to make your life a living hell…I would just walk away. But If you continue to bring the fight to my yard I will snap your neck! If you were to make someone’s life a living hell then I am sorry you just have mislabeled yourself as a kind person, you need to go back and look into that mirror trust me you are ANYTHING BUT KIND!

I wish I would just go around and shake everyone that I know that is nice and kind and deserves to have this attitude! Tell them to wake up! Tell them its okay to just grow a thicker skin just to protect yourself. I understand the fear behind growing a thicker skin.. trust me I was dealing with it and still am to some extent. The fear that you will become just like them is pretty legit but guess what? You have this sense of control for a reason so why not utilize it when needed? You can still be a nice person and not take crap from someone. Learning to put yourself first is a hard thing to do specially if you have always put others first your entire life but hey just this thought is a good start.

If all else fails tells yourself by helping and tolerating those that make you miserable you are wasting your good energy! Good energy that someone who is worthy of your help and kindness needs. I have found sarcasm to be my best friend. Use it when needed but most of all walk away as fast as you can because peace in the world might never be attainable but peace in your own life definitely is!

You know what works the best? Having the confidence in yourself and sometimes just dressing up! Dressing up like a bad ass! Leather, Metal whatever else floats your boat! Take your clothing as a role that you play! Feel that its a part of your exterior that who you are! You can always change what you dont like about yourself just like you change your clothes!!! And since halloween is around the corner even better! I for one will definitely dress up as a super hero!

YOU AND I BOTH DONT HAVE TIME FOR THIS…life is too short, dont waste it on people that dont matter. Get up brush off the dust that they have thrown all over you just because your too kind and accept the challenge to at least give being nice but accepting no nonsense attitude a try. Together we will attain a more peaceful life 🙂