New Years’ Eve: Outfit and 3 Course Home Cooked Meal

Hi dearies – HAPPY NEW YEAR

I am  back in the grind of the work life starting yesterday but I wanted to make this year a better one for myself and my blog. oh and not to forget my family. I would have to say the last week of December 2012 was the best ever for me. I had time off from work, got to spend time with family and didn’t have to look at the clock ticking going “times running out and I have so much to do still” Life just came to a halt nothing mattered except good company, food and laughter!

I want to extend this into my year 2013. I want to be a positive happy me, the one who had her head on straight during the holidays. So I am coming up with cures for stress and recipes on how to avoid it when it surfaces its ugly head. Look out for those on my blog this year 🙂

Anyhow so this new years I decided to stay in. First we were going to have a house party but due to us moving out in about a month due to mold allergies in my current place I am in the midst of packing. Therefore the party got cancelled and I found out they had “The Twilight Zone” marathon on for 48 hours straight so that led to a lot of snuggle time, snacks and shrieks of excitement from me on all the spooky stories they played.

My inner chef woke up and wanted to prepare a meal from scratch. The menu got changed last minute because I didn’t want to do the tried and tested cause oh that would just be so boring! After careful thinking for about an hour and looking into the refrigerator and pantry I came up with the following menu:

1) Mozzarella Cheese Balls

2) Italian Style Garlic Oregano Chicken with veggies mixed in squash farfalle pasta

3) Callas (Dessert made of fried rice balls yum!)

I will be posting recipes to these items on here soon so if your interested check them out 🙂

I also wore a non traditional New Years Dress for me. Most of the time I wear tight fitting or bodycon style dresses. This time I wanted to wear something frilly, girlie and fun and found this perfect dress in my closet that I haven’t touched the entire year of 2012! What do you think?