Weekly Style Shopper: Halloween Costume Special (Stuff Already in your Closet)

Hi Lovelies!

I have a very real reason why I have been MIA! I have been actually super sick to the point where my entire week was spent in and out of bed. I even had to take days off and half days off from work. So please forgive me but here I am with a new twist to our Weekly Style shopper post. I am going to do a weekly Halloween Costume special this entire month. I will try to find us items that are currently already in our closet or freely available in stores or online that are on trend. So you will not be wasting your money on buying something that you will never use again! (Ah minus costume jewelry but we will keep it to a minimum)

My first fave outfit which I had done in my college days for a Costume Staff meeting, was Catwoman. It was the easiest and most versatile outfit. Back then I found a pair of leggings and a black fitted tank top. Created my own face mask with construction paper and cat ears as well! Simple and easy and everyone will know who exactly you are.

Why this outfit is currently on trend? We are all currently seeing alot of Leather! Alot of high waisted stuff as well as crop tops. Lets combine it all together and we get the catwoman outfit! The more leather you have in your closet the better. If not you can invest in some because this fall and winter you will be wearing that out on the streets anyway. Otherwise even if you have one or two leather pieces it would work out just fine! You can create your own mask by using construction paper or by buying the cheap one I highlighted on my post below. If you have a crop top already in your closet but it has no sleeves then there is still no problem because we have seen catwoman go sleeveless over the years as well!  Plus who doesnt have a pair of boots already in the closet? And if you don’t have one well you are probably already planning to buy a pair for this fall cause they are all the madness.

Let me know what you think!


Boots: Shiekh Shoes $29.97

Crop Top: Forever 21 $17.80

Leather Leggings: Forever 21 $15.80

Catwoman Mask: Newegg $5.99