FAB: A new website that is perfect for Bargain Hunters and unique Finds

So I was browsing the internet today my eyes landed on a very unique piece of necklace! It was a like a garden around your neck  for only $25.00 (Check out the pic below).

    Click and Checkout all the Amazing Products at FAB!

On Fab there are tons and tons of amazing jewelry, shoes,clothes,  makeup, candles, housewares, cookware and even cute unique gadgets. Now you must be wondering what is so special about that? Well then let me tell you. Most of these things you will not find by going to a regular store. Most of the designers are small scale and have very unique ideas! Plus all the products are available for below the actual retail price. There are of course some high end products but some stuff is really really affordable and cheap. You can choose to review only items in a certain price range or EVEN COLOR! The site is based on living social and Groupon style principle where the items are available in limited quantities and only for so long. So its guaranteed that your item will not be owned by a million people 🙂

I am so going to order stuff from there as soon as I can get the courage to part with some more money 🙂 Here are some of the finds that I hope they dont take off till I can get my credit card ready 😉

Click and Checkout all the Amazing Products at FAB!

                                                     Cuff Only $ 19.00


                                                   Bracelet each $15.00



Turquoise Necklace $34.00


Laser Etched Pendant $17.00



Vessel Pendant each $30.00



Lipstain Both $31.50


         Iphone Case $17.00

Shoes $29.00 each

      Jewelery Roll $22.00

                                      Bag $159.00


Flats $ 64.00

Click and Checkout all the Amazing Products at FAB!

Who says we can’t be Colorful at work?

The weather is pretty cold and gloomy  again! To top it there is also crazy amount of wind so I had to take out my handy dandy trench coat! Brrrr can’t wait till it gets warmer again!

I also have been meaning to thank everyone that has chosen to follow me! I have been trying to stop by everyone’s blog to check out your stuff and return the favor 🙂 Trust me each of you give me utter joy and happiness, as well as restores my belief that going public with my fashion and styling was a good idea!

Watched Rihanna’s new video “Where have you been” today courtesy of my husband and now my head is swimming with some amazing fashion ideas! I will be putting those together hopefully at some point this week and featuring them as Outfit of the day so check back for that! Hope everyone is having a great day and stay warm 🙂

Belt: H&M

Bracelet: Target

Necklace: Amethyst Butterfly (from U.A.E)

Skirt: H&M

Trench: H&M

Top: Heritage 81 (Forever 21 sister site) A lot of people have been asking for it so you can buy it here

Watch: New York and Co

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It was a scarf with a Summer Dress Kindda Day!

Hello Lovelies I had an amazing weekend! I am still bursting with excitement over stuff I bought on Sunday! Can’t wait to show you all the goodies I got, so look out for the haul video 🙂 Saturday I had a much needed hangout session with some of my college friends. I hadn’t laughed soooo hard in a long time. Dont get me wrong I  am always laughing but trust me I was laughing out REAL LOUD that night 🙂 hopefully just loud and not obnoxious :-p

Bag: Coach

Belt: Forever 21

Bracelet: Pandora

Dress: H&M

Scarf: My friend got it from me when she visited India 🙂 Soo pretty!

Watch: Disney’s Tinker Bell watch


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Bringing my inner Animal Out and Necklace Trick every girl should utilize!

You cannot go wrong this season with any sort of animal print! Scarves, Skirts, shirts you name it the stores have it! Can you imagine that 20 minutes after I got done snapping these pictures it started pouring? Ah barely missed it! Wanted to dress casual yet classy my college roomie/sister was visiting! And we possibly have a day of shopping ahead of us today which possibly means a haul video! For now Enjoy the Outfit of the day 🙂

Necklace Trick: I got creative with my necklace wanted the black and white effect so twisted my sapphire and pearl necklace together and wore it as one!


Necklace: Sapphire necklace and Pearl necklace from some place in UAE

Pearl Bangle: Kay Jewelers

Skirt: H&M

Tank: Guess

Top: 5.7.9

Watch: The Limited




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Your Weekly Personal Shopper: We are going Tribal for Only $59.79

As Promised I am back this week with my Weekly Bargain Buy Outfit! My favorite piece in this outfit  is definitely the Bracelet! That $6 will go a long way! Tribal wear is one big craze this spring! We are talking zigzag patterns, Big chunky necklaces, Egyptian Style bangles , beaded sandals etc!

Feel free to comment and let me know if you would like me to find a certain style or trend or share with me your key tribal pieces you are in love with!

I would love to hear from you 🙂 Follow me as I continue to bring cheap and amazing finds every week right to your monitor 🙂

Bracelet: Charlotte Russe – $6.00

Clutch: Missimo at Target –  $16.99

Lace Dress: Forever 21 – $13.50

Necklace: Forever 21 – $7.80

Sandals: Charlotte Rusee – $15.50

Flirty Floral, Sexy Lace and Dark Denim

I love lace! I love it more when its paired with Leather or Denim. I decided to go berserk in my closet this morning. Couldn’t figure out which side of me I wanted to bring out today. So I decided to do all three crazes of Spring 2012 in one 🙂 Lace, Denim and Flowers 🙂

Bangel: White Gold and Diamond from Macys

Denim & Lace Skirt: Forever 21

Floral Top: 5.7.9

Tank: H&M

Watch: Realities

Wristlet: Coach



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Must have trends this Spring

There is something for everyone’s style this Spring. From the bold ladies who love animal Prints to the innocent sweet hearts who love Pastels. Here is my take on items you must indulge in this Spring of 2012:

                                   An Innocent looking yet not so Innocent all White Lace Dress:


Attention Grabbing Neon Colored Heels


Fun Flirty Flowery Dress No Girl can have enough of those


Hobos,Totes,Clutches Bags Bags Bags with Dual BUCKLES!


Animal Prints to bring out the Carnal Instincts


Easter Bunny is gone but he left all the Pastel Dresses behind