Fitness 101:Why do Diets Fail? Finding Motivation and sticking to it

Hi sweeties!

    I have never been as enthusiastic to share something on my blog as this post right here right now! The reason being all my theories and diet tricks have bore fruits and my goal of losing 0.5 pounds each week has been met. I have officially lost 1.5 pounds in 3 weeks and yes some of you might think whats the big deal thats not a big number. It is a big number when you hear I ate everything I wanted. I ate mac n cheese, Cookies, chocolates, ice cream and what not! Now you must be thinking this is some sort of scheme where I would con you out of your money by asking you to buy my books or dvds. Nope WRONG! I am going to tell you exactly how I found my motivation and how you can find yours if you follow this pattern of a diet plan! I hate when people share with you their “How I got from here to here” journeys and dont describe what they did. Some of them just chalk it up to good genes. I get it sometimes its true other times it does involve alot of steps!

Last year my hubby was helping me get back in shape. With my feet out of commission for 2 straight years I had gain about 30 pounds! Although most people still considered me pretty fit from their standards I wasn’t used to the new body with some flab here and there. I was depressed and unahppy. The last thing I wanted was this stringent diet of what I can not eat! For months if not weeks! Guess what that lead to? DE -MOTIVATION! That led to me giving up! That led to me being at my weight the entire year oh not just that it actually slowly started inching up further to my horror!

Thinking about the thought process the last week of December I realized hey if I can eat everything I want I will not fall of this wagon. I can eat burgers, pizzas, steaks and what not why would I feel miserable or depressed? I did just that! Only I started counting! Trust me the magic is in numbers atleast for people who enjoy foods of all sorts! And no you cant just get away with counting calories! Thats where everyone makes the mistake! You have to pay careful attention to carbs, fats and proteins cause any of those things can turn into FLAB! And no you dont have to be a math wiz to do the math cause trust me I am a full time math hater. You just need some free online tools that can do it for you and it takes less than 3 minutes a day. I will be discussing one of my fave tools on my blog pretty soon so look out for that!

Heck some of these tools even let you get away without working out! Yes for those of you who hate working out I know I just grabbed your attention! And if you like to be active but not at a gym trust me I will be talking about that soon too! Creative ideas to workout without ever stepping foot in a gym!

One big reason to loose motivation is also what I will coin the MOUNTAIN EFFECT. You are climbing the hill and you are far far away from the peak! You give up easily but hey what if you made smaller goals? and rewarded yourself on the way? How easy would it to be celebrate your success at each step! So to motivate yourself don’t jump into a huge diet Goal (unless ofcourse its for an event coming right at you!) start smalll hence I started with my 0.5 goal. And jump with joy each week when you meet your goal! Oh and you would, trust me after you remember eating all things you enjoyed while you were on your SO CALLED DIET.

Trust me its all about taking charge and saying I can do and eat what I want instead of being stuck with “I cant I am on a diet” Such a restrictive and saddening process. So go ahead take a small piece of that chocolate your co worker is offering you cause you know your limits for that week and dont let your restrictions bring you down!