Fitness 101: Sudden Motivation and how to attain it!

Hey Guys,

Here is a picture of me from 2 weeks ago for motivation, sans makeup and hair perfection and oh I put on shorts without having exercised for 1 and a half month….lets get real here on my blog.


  Been a while since I last did a fitness post or any post for that matter lol. But trust me my fitness posts are only going to get better because I have realized why most people have a lack of motivation when it comes to exercising and how you can go about finding the right motivation!

So I am in an uber hyped about the new Beyonce for H&M line or better Mrs Carter for H&M. Now you are wondering what does that have to do with my fitness post? Well let me explain. Most of us look at the media day in and day out. We look at magazine covers and what not and feel sad about the few bad spots on our body. It can range anywhere from I wish was shorter to I wish a leaner, to I wish was more tan or more curvy or less curvy etc. You get the idea right? We then one day decide to kick start our fitness routine and try our best to eat right and drink right and workout right to look like some super model that looks NOTHING close to what we can ever attain! I mean I am South asian, 5’4 and quite curvy due to being short and if I try to look like Giselle, its really not going to happen. So here comes Beyonce in the picture. Yes yes I know I am not black either lol BUT and this is big BUT we have some similarities in our body types! Beyonce although quite tall compared to me is still curvy. Very curvy at that. She is mastered the art of sculpting her curves into the right proportions and it looks good! No I don’t want to be her clone but it gives you motivation because you see a body similar to yours and you know its attainable maybe not a 100% but its a good motivation to LOOK IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

Now here is another bonus that you can look for when you are trying to set your eyes on a role model for your fitness: TRY TO FIND SIMILARITIES IN INTEREST. If you want to attain that body and follow a regime similar to that of your fitness role model you need to LIKE what they do! Quite easy for me cause Beyonce is a performer she loves to dance. I love to dance. I have been telling people around me for the past entire year that majority of my exercise is achieved by dancing. Ofcourse you can’t just get away with one form of activity you have to add alittle bit of this and alittle bit of that. Don’t forget to eat right. I’ll be dumping boat loads of posts in your lap soon in regards to healthy snacking!

And at the end of the day understand you don’t want to be Beyonce. You want to be YOURSELF! The best you can be, the healthiest you can be. You dont have to do crash diets and try to get it this summer. Little changes over time will get you to your ideal body and help you stay there. Crash diets will work for this summer and then come Fall you’d be right back where you started.

Who is ready start getting fit with me? Lets keep in touch by hitting that follow button trust me you wont be disappointed 🙂

Fun Health Experiment and Weight Update

Hi sweeties,

I am am super excited as today is Thursday and tomorrow is my last day at work before Spring Break starts. The staff only gets a three day break but I extended my weekend cause a few of my coworkers thought I really need and deserve a break. I currently have an hour between work and class so I thought why not start utilizing these breaks for blog posts. I am also planning to catch up on stuff during the break so you will see more of me regularly.

Anyway remember my Christmas Health Plan? Where I was dropping a half pound a week? Well that went alittle biserk once I moved to the new place which is 3 stories up with no elevator and then school started. I am constantly on the move and barely have time to eat…yes I said it. To some of you this might be shocking but thats what happens in my life, everything take precedence over sleep and food. It was very scary when I weighed myself towards the end of February and I had dropped to a mere 118 pounds from 125 pounds. That is when I decided to eat what can so I can to salvage what weight I have left. I ate pizzas everyday and burgers, started back on the snacks and brought my weight upto 119 which is where I want to stay. I thought this is a last ditch resort to make sure I don’t end up looking like a skeleton that I was in college (I was a horrific 89 pounds and couldnt seem to gain any weight)

Here is why this is important to you! This ditch effort proved as somewhat of an experiment! I would suggest not trying this at home lol

Remember the theory that you are supposed to consume 1200 calories a day to not go into starvation mode? Well I kind of utilized that. I was eating when I could which was pretty irregular and twice a day instead of three times a day. But I think my nasty, fatty and greasy food with empty calories ensured that I don’t loose weight and go into starvation mode. Now why is this something that most of you shouldn’t do at home? Well for one your empty calories add chubiness where it shouldnt be added, your thighs and stomach. Then ofcourse the emergence of cellulite is another disaster you dont want to witness. Now if I had continued exercising regularly it wouldn’t have mattered as much cause I would have burnt most of the fat off.

You must be wondering why this experiment helps you and why am I talking about it with you all. Then here is the answer: Empty calories will help you maintain your weight or even consuming empty calories in limited quantity might even help you lose weight too but its going to give you a less proportional shape. It is going to bring along with it cellulite and other patches of fat in places that you dont want when trying to look and stay healthy. This also proves that somewhat unhealthy eating can be managed with mostly healthy eating and a good amount of exercise. And in closing I will say the experiment proved that enjoying things you like in moderation and doing some form of exercise wether running, gym, dancing, yoga etc can get you to the healthy lifestyle you always wanted 🙂

With this in mind my healthy streak resumes starting tonight 🙂 and together we will attain our goals of being the healthiest we have been all our life. Whose in with me?

Have you conducted any health experiments on yourself BY MISTAKE? if so please feel free to share with me 🙂

Fitness 101: Eating What you want with the Exercise Barter System

Hi Sweeties,

As I had promised in my last Fitness Post that the series will continue with what I call the “Exercise Barter System”. As I had explained in a previous post that every human being is supposed to consume atleast 1200 calories a day even if they are trying to loose weight or tone up! Anything below that would cause starvation mode to kick in causing you to gain more weight instead of losing any.

First of all if you are planning to google the Exercise Barter System I can assure you that it’s something I coined.  But there is scientific reasoning behind why it works. Now there might be other dietitians talking about this in different terminologies but I am not aware of that right now 🙂

Those of you who dont mind exercising  a little bit can enjoy the benefits of Exercise Barter system and no by exercise I don’t mean getting a gym membership or getting on the treadmill or any other machine. Getting exercise just means being active! Getting your heart rate up! Burning calories in any way shape or form! It could be running, jogging, Dancing, hoola hooping or a million other things (I will be discussing different forms of exercise in the future as well so feel free to come back or hit the follow button) Lets  say you are supposed to consume 1200 calories a day to drop a pound a week and you are going to a party this weekend. You know there will be cheesy goodness there and drinks! Tons of sugary drinks. You know you will be in trouble cause everyone around you will be indulging into more than their fair share of the goodness. You don’t have to deprive yourself you can exercise off the amount of calories you are planning to consume or well consumed  already (depending on when you are planning to work out) If you consumed 400 extra calories than you were supposed to, well burn those 400 calories that day before or after the party. Worst case scenario do it the next day or that week! Meet you calorie goals before the week ends and you have nothing to worry about!

See the calories you receive from the Exercise Barter System as a reward to yourself! You want that piece of cake? Go ahead work for it and enjoy it! As mentioned in my previous posts I will be discussing some free online tools that can help you maintain all of these numbers and exchange system with just a few clicks a day! So once again feel free to stop by often or hit the follow button. The reason this works like a charm is you are already consuming the minimum amount of calories per day to loose weight WITHOUT exercising and since you over indulged you can get active and burn those extra calories and everything goes back where it needs to be! Hence the term “barter system” you give alittle here to get something in return 🙂

Happy munching!!! And as always know you are in control of your diet and its not the other way round!