Fruity Nails: Look But Don’t Eat

Nail Art is pretty big on the web now. I recall my first infatuation with nail art was when I was 11. I was visiting my birth country and my aunt brought me some nail paint set! It was just like an actual paint set with tiny pots of nail polish with a few brushes. I recall drawing mickey mouse faces on my toe nails and my cousins’ toe nails. Ever since then I had been searching for a nail paint set but wasn’t really able to find one anywhere. If you guys know of some place that I can grab it from please let me know!

I got the inspiration from these strawberry nails from my fellow blogger: ilovegreeninspiration, who posted a picture of professionally done strawberry nails. Ofcourse this is my first time painting nail art in ages but hopefully the creative juices will flow constantly and I will only get better in time 🙂

Some more nail inspirations I am hoping to try out in a few days!