Black and Lace the ever Classic: OOTD Video

Hey lovelies!

I was super excited to put on this outfit when we were headed to the mall and then to an awesome dinner date only to realize it started pouring outside 😦 Which meant no place to shoot pics of this outfit! I improvised by making a quick video and snapping a picture at home! Maybe this will be my unfair weather friend idea since I just heard this year would be a bad winter for the Upper East coast tons of snow in forecast for us!
Well I am still trying to see a positive to the whole crazy weather thing. I work at a University so that means more snow days for me 🙂 Last year was expecting to jump with joy like a College Student whenever School close but that never happened *womp womp womp*

I am already getting excited for the coming Holiday season starting with Halloween. Wondering who I will be this year …I so want to be Captain America!

Enjoy and let me know what you think of the Outfit Video post instead of a regular Outfit pictures post?


Check out the Outfit Video for all the details of the outfit!