Your Weekly Style Shopper: Its not just any Fall..It’s Falling Red this season! Ft Amerie

Before I even realized red was going to hit it big this fall in all different shades from blood red to bright red to burgundy or oxblood I had bought myself a red blazer in the brightest red possible! I am still struggling to not put it on everyday as I walk out the door! Its my one fave wardrobe item that I am not getting enough facetime with! And was it a surprise when one of my coworker asked me this week if red’s my fave color? Yes to it was! I thought no body noticed my strategic wearing of my red capris, red blazer and red pencil skirt more than any other item I currently have in my closet πŸ™‚

Anyhow I thought Blazers were always sophisticated at one point I thought they were almost too mommy like or office wear. But the recent trending completely changed my outlook on them. I am loving blazers in alittle edgier looks with shorts and tights oh not to forget leather! I wanted to dedicate this weeks post to Blazers and not in just color but the color Red! The Romper makes the look really classy and the shiny snake print pumps kick the look up a notch! When other see you coming down the street they wont know what hit them! All the pieces are unique but they work pretty well together and none of the items over power each other. Perfect Balance and harmony.

Let me know if you are falling for red blazers like I am?



Blazer: H&M – $19.95

Romper: Venus – $21.00

Leggings- Bloomingdales – $13.50

Shoes- Promiscuous 6pm -$17.70


Fall Purple Outfit of the Day and Repping the Ravens!

Fall is officially here and I couldnt wait to step back into one of my all time fave outfit styles in my fave color: A Plummish or Purple Dress with tights and boots! Not to mention I am a big Ravens fan and our team colors are Black and Purple. I had to rep the colors after this Sunday’s AMMMAZING WIN!

I wore the outfit to work with a Black Blazer on top. I had no makeup on all day.I did a quick 5 minute makeup magic trick as I was headed out of work. Simple transition from work to a date night outfit in a jiffy. Unfortunately I didn’t picture the Blazer with my outfit cause I wanted to show off the dress once I got out of work and headed to dinner with the hubby! Left the Blazer in the car πŸ™‚

These boots are the only boots that are doctor appointed to be worn by me for now! Cant wait to fully recover my feet so i can break into some different pair of boots! Lets hope I get to do that by the end of this winter. As mentioned on my inspiration page Plantar Fasciitis could be a life long ailment so lets keep our fingers crossed πŸ™‚

Bracelet: Pandora and 18kt White Gold and Diamond (Both Gifted)

Belt: Forever21

Boots: Dansko

Dress: H&M

Lace Tights: H&M

Necklace: H&M (Currently in Store)

Haul time on Chicly Cute : Fashion and Makeup! H&M and Beyond

Hi dahlings,

I have to share two of my most fave fall buys with you guys today and tons of make up products that I got o my hands on by Elf! The time it took me to make and edit this video I have worn the heck out of the cute blazer and gotten a million compliments on it! Trust me you don’t want to miss this one out πŸ™‚

At this moment I am gearing to make yet another haul video …oops went shopping twice already and then foootballl Sundayyyyy! House is jam packed with snack and we all are ready to scream our lungs off at the TV screen πŸ™‚

Your Weekly Style Shopper: LBBD Little Black BRIGHT Dress – ft Rihanna and Baby Spice

Hello dahlings!

Its friday end of the work week and beginning of relaxation, partying, get togethers whatever else floats your boat! (lets not forget football). I am currently enjoying some much needed me time and reminiscing about the brightest blood orangish cutest pumps I saw at H&M. I was super close to buying them but the foot ailment stopped me from such an on the whim decision. Let my foot get fixed (if ever) and we will have shoes galore and me laying in between them hmm that would make a great movie poster for a chickflick about women, girlfriends and shopping!

Now that I have returned from near dead thanks to my NFL app that decided to play loud music to give me updates on this week injuries, as I was sitting here and typing this( Didn’t expect loud trumpet and drums style music to ring but updating to new iOS6 release for iphone has changed all my settings) lets talk about what would I wear these orgasmic shoes with? Something simple, something sensual and sexy….. the idea of a black dress popped in my head. And then I landed on not just any black dress but the naughtiest of the black dress. Just when you think this is all the view anyone’s gonna get, it gives them a heart attack by giving them a glimpse of your legs…did they say peekabo?

It then dawned on me what a brilliant idea forget the old school Little Black dress with black pumps and your hair in an updo! How about we do Little black BRIGHT dress and while we are at it we will put a matching bright pendant around our neck and let our hair down and be as fierce as we can be! After all we are powerful women. Its not that easy to tame our wild side!


Dress: Forever 21 -$24.80

Pendant: Overstock -$10.49

Shoes- H&M -$34.95

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Being Girlie is never out of Season (Featuring Beyonce)

Hi lovelies!

Its that time of the week again. Weeekeeennndd! My weekends lately have been very laid back and relaxing. Its good to keep life stress free πŸ™‚

Anyhow With the Fall coming I am thinking more and more of outfits, colors, patterns that are ever lasting or in other words not bound by season. Hot pink and purple is one perfect example for women. One can never get tired of wearing pink and being girlie and no one else looks at you and wonders well its *insert any season of your choice here* why is she wearing that?

So with that said I was very lucky to find these semi printed hot pink Pants at H&M for mere 17 bucks! I haven’t yet worn them but I have been bursting with ideas on how I will style them. Tribal print hasn’t gone away yet this year we are still seeing it in stores and online and this top just was too good to pass for the low price of 10 bucks. I thought this outfit is perfect to stroll around the park in, have a scrumptious picnic or just hang with your budds at a cafe!

What are some of your key fave girlie fashion items that you rock every season?

Necklace: Amazon $8.99

Pumps: 6pm $19.99

Top: Forever 21 $10.80

Pants: H&M $17.95

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Not your Damsel in Distress (Featuring Ciara)

Hi dahlings!

This has been a crazy busy week for me since I work for a University and school just started. We have tons of last minute reading, decision making and admitting going on and being the go to person for all things missing in our system can get quite hectic! I was glad I took my 2 stress free and technology free days off last week before the craziness began. Quite honestly it wasn’t so hard to survive without my cellphone, facebook, laptop and work email on my finger tips! I did watch TV and spent time doing some couple activities with the hubby (not talking about naughty stuff here but I found some amazing things like 50 questions to discuss as a couple, board games etc) and my mood for this past week was just insanely good! I had to spend some time reflecting and realizing why do I get so stressed when some people such as my husband would just chug along fine in the same situation. It’s a mental thing, its the people pleaser persona, the go getter and the hunger to finish all things assigned to you asap (not achievable if you are covering tasks for yourself, someone who retired at your job and then everyone else in your own family aka mommy and daddy)

So that lead me to my Style Shopper title for this week. I want to be in control, not panic and do what I have to do with a smile! And ofcourse all the smarties in the world know that you need to start believing the change to start making the change. so I decided to done on some girly moto jacket, a tight mini skirt. some heels and spikes! Trust me once you get the look you will feel the surge of adrenaline like you can do anything without breaking a sweat πŸ™‚

I thought this red moto jacket is better than the typical black we always see so I decided to do a little reversal of colors and viola here we are! Clearly Ciara knows the right attitude!

Moto Jacket: 2b -$36.95

Earring: Spiked Hoops – Forever 21 -$3.80

Heels: Charlotte Russe – $17.50

Skirt: Forever 21-$8.50

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Edgy and Bright makes you look just Right

Hi lovelies!

I am actually super excited to share my this week’s bargain finds with you because I for once actually found them in person before I even found them online. Usually I see them online then head to the store to take a closer look. But both the necklace and the dress are my fave currently sitting on hold for me to pick up at the store tomorrow morning. Yeah I was running out of time so didnt get the chance to try the dress on and buy it. The front of the dress is more leathery in person. It is very edgy and would look great with some neon yellow accessories. I also plan to wear this into the Fall with some leather boots and jacket, oh not to forget some black nylon stockings to give enough glimpse of our pretty skin without getting cold πŸ™‚ Yellow and black is going to be pretty big coming this Fall. If you are visiting the malls it is one of the most paired together color trend and I just bought a mini skirt in the same color. I have recorded the haul video just needs some editing and should be up shortly πŸ™‚

I will mostly be doing seasonal transitional posts starting now so whatever I will find will be used all the way into Fall and Winter. Stick around for all the bargain items I find weekly trust me it will do your pockets some good πŸ™‚ Not to forget if you already have similar stuff in your closet you can rock the look by pairing them up or just buying one or two key pieces! Let me know if you are looking for specific looks and I will be able to whip something up specifically for you πŸ™‚

Dress:Β  Tribal Print- H&M – $19.95

Necklace: H&M -$12.95

Shoes: Glitter Sequin Stiletto – Milanoo -$29.99

Watch: Zebra Print Inset – Go Jane -$11.50

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Falling into a Maxi Dress this Fall (Featuring VS model Rosie Huntington)

This weeks pick came to me because I am getting all excited about using my summer and spring buys into the Fall. The pastels are here to stay and so are some of the bright colored pants we have been buying. And ofcourse a simple maxi dress is just timeless and in this regard seasonless! I will be posting alot more about how to stretch your dollar and use the things you already have in your closet from spring and summer to Fall by wearing them with more Fall colored trends. So stick around for that!

I had been looking for a neutral black and white stripped Maxi dress only the most fave of my mine I found at Ann Taylor got sold out in my size 😦 But this is my second most fave and only half the price of that at Ann Taylor. You can pair your fave maxi dress with a contrasting cardigan, sweater or even a leather jacket. Pair it with some nice long chains and some Ankle boots and you are all set to rock this Fall! I will be doing more Outfit of the day Posts pulling these looks together for Fall so ladies stick around for that! As always if you haven’t already please hit the follow button and enjoy the weekly bargain hunting!


Boots: Ami Clubwear – $15.99

Cardigan: H&M – $24.95

Chain: Forever21 – $5.80

Maxi Dress: Love Culture – $23.90

Your Weekly Style Shopper: The Working Girl Blazer and the NightLife Dress

Hi dahlings!

So I am back for good and should be posting pretty regularly. The vacation in Florida was the bestest ever. I have so many food reviews to put up and other places that I visited in general. And you know how it is when you get back from a vacation your work just piles high! So I am trying catch up on that!

This weeks bargain outfit is the working girl’s life saver! The Blazer! In summer you can pair any pretty dress (well ofcourse not any keep your length and necklines in check girlies!) with a Blazer and you are office ready. For night time you can take off the blazer and it’s time to party! It is also perfect for changing temperatures as during summer the insides of the offices are pretty cold brrrr atleast mine gets like that and outside is boiling hot! Put a layer on take a layer off simple math πŸ™‚ Not to forget this is one of the super crazy trend this summer and will make us follow it all the way into Fall!
The post was inspired by my outfit that I wore to work today. I wore a cute tank and a skirt with a Power Blazer on top! Sorry it was raining otherwise I would have snagged some pictures 😦 I love theΒ  yellow blushing shift dress and the blue Blazer pulls the look together making you work appropriate but not dull enough to become part of office decor! Pair it with some heels in your closet black for work and blue for a night out and you’ll be the envy of the entire town!




Blazer – H&M – $19.95

Dress – Forever 21 – $16.80

Nail Polish – Wet and Wild $1.99

Necklace – Pearlescent Forever 21 – $10.80


Also here are some celebrities that are also rocking the Dress with the Blazer trend! Enjoy!

Pippa Middleton

Kim Kardashian


Rachael Bilson


Whitney Port