H&M USA Online Shopping now available

Hey lovelies,

As much as I shop at H&M I was thrilled to find out a few weeks ago via secret resources that H&M USA online store will open up in August. They haven’t set forth a date but surprisingly by August they meant August 1st!
So go on and shop till your fingers pop on the online H&M store: www.hm.com/us/

4TH of July Update and Outfit

Hi sweeties,

I am only a few days late haha but thought I’d still share my outfit ideas of how I am coping with living 24/7 in my tennis shoes and still trying to incorporate Holidays and Outings. If I have learnt anything from being injured on and off is that you have to make do with what you can. Giving up on dressing as a girl only drags you down. I told myself last time “Never again will an injury take away from my sense of style”. Ofcourse it isn’t going to be as impeccable as my outfits that I wear on a regular basis without tennis shoes but practice makes perfect.

For 4th of July I went to my aunt’s house for a cookout with our entire family. The indoors at all my relatives’ houses are extremely cold and I freeze to death so I always take a blazer or sweater with me. Those are always easily removable when you walk outdoors when layered with a tank top. I don’t wear shorts around my family so jeans had to make do. I had later on changed into a pair of shorts to go see the fireworks with the hubbster and friend. I was still in a bit of pain so walking was out of question. We didn’t make it all the way to the lake but the point was good company and fireworks πŸ™‚ Unfortunately I by mistake deleted the pictures from the camera we took that day when trying to move them onto my laptop!!! Still somewhat annoyed about that so I am pulling pictures from my cellphone that I took for instagram. Thank God for cellphone and instagram.

PS I decided to make this look more festive by doing Red white and blue makeup on my eyes and Nail art. Let me know what you think!





Belt: Came with some jeans from Forever 21

Blazer: H&M

Bracelets: Pandora and Macys 14kt White Gold

Jeans: Express

Top: H&M

I have got Updates!

Its been months since I last spoke to you all sigh! Things have been insane on my end for a bit. I even missed my one year blogaversary 😦 Oh well thats okay we will make up for the lost time.

But schedule wise things are doing alot better on my end. I have two more weeks of school which is making me sleepless for now. Two projects, two presentations, one 30 paper and one exam and I will be done with my first semester of School. Below are some highlight of my last few months good and bad:

1)Went on our first vacation to the beach. Got really cold the weekend we were there but I did throughly enjoy myself. Found some really brilliant places to eat which I will be sharing with you guys via food posts. For now enjoy this picture of the beach πŸ™‚


2) I am eating healthier than I ever had and I have tons of health snack options to share with you guys. I am going to start making that part of my weekly posting schedule.

3)I witnessed alot of ingnorance first hand, nearly lost it and had to shake my head and walk away. This will probably lead to several posts in the Deep thoughts section.

4) I ran! I finally ran well not for long but I ran for 2 minute the first day, then next day for 5! I am not sure how fast I can pick up my pace and speed but it didnt hurt as bad as I expected! For those of you who are avid runners I know this is nothing but ever since the foot injury I have been dying to run again like I used to back in High School. Used to be the second fastest in my school …I know know been a while :-p



5) And I went crazy shopping. The biggest haul video ever recorded by me will be put soon so stay tuned πŸ™‚



Floral is best when its Black and Lacy equals Timeless and Classy

Yesterday was the First day of our Holiday Eid! I went shopping in the morning and enjoyed the rest of the day with the family and ridiculous amounts ofΒ  delicious food! Unfortunately everyone was too hungry and face dived into the food just when I get there hence no pics of the yumminess my aunts concocted. And ofcourse there was enough leftovers for me to bring and consume for Lunch yum yum yum!

I woke up and threw together my fave new skirt (bought a month ago) with a lace top and the outcome was picture worthy! The skirt is a flap skirt where the border of the print lays in the center it gives it a very unique look! And if you are interested it is still available in H&M stores! I am planning to wear it with some tights and boots later on this fall! I love lace and I love black….and honestly you can never go wrong with the two paired together! The outfit was perfect for a day out and transition into night with family and dinner but I had to throw on some traditional garb for the family get together which I will be posting shortly on my blog as well! so enjoy and let me know what are some of your fave ways to wear lace?



Bangle: Gift from my Aunt

Necklace: Asian Cartoon Character Pendant- Forever 21

Top: Lace Top from Forever 21 – Tank Top from Banana Republic

Skirt: H&M (currently in stores)

Watch: Realities

Turn a Scarf into a Top:From 9 to 5 to a Partying all night Wild Child Outfit

This top you see guess what? Its a scarf πŸ˜‰ remember all those scarfs you got as presents or your thinking its too hot to put a scarf on well guess what? All of that can double up as tops! Dont have a party top for friday night’s party well guess now you have 20!

Just the idea of wearing something like this to work gives me a kick! I have always been intrigued by the chic and sophisticated women at work who have their hair all nicely tucked away, their dress pants have the sharpest creases but outside of work they have a complete different persona! I tend to believe thats how I aspire to be although sometime my worlds collide together hey it not always easy to keep your mask on lol. But if you are as crazy, goofy and wild as I am its sometimes hard to fully close all those shutters at work and be some monotone personality! This outfit is perfect for girls who want to stir trouble but at the same time appear saintly! You know the time when you were 5 and your mom caught you eating those cookies? but you straightened your angel halo and said “i didn’t do it” and she believed you? Yes thats what this outfit is all about!

I so far have only worn this outfit to a dinner date! But I guess I am waiting for a day when I am ready to keep my little secret from the world and appear proper at work only to shed the top layer at a party later and dance away the night. Try it ladies! Wearing super sexy lingerie at work or anything racy that makes you feel confident when you look in the mirror to work will bring up your confidence on the job! Just make sure that no one knows your secret!

Blazer: H&M

Bracelet: 18kt Diamond Bracelet – Present

Top: Scarf yes a scarf from H&M

Skirt: H&M

Watch: Kolber Bangle Watch 14kt

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Bodyconned in Pink with Feathers and Ropes!

This has to be by far my most fave outfit I put together!I love the bright pink bodycon dress. It’s simple enough to be worn anytime of the day. All you need is correct set of Accessories. If you have any bodycon dresses sitting at home try this simple trick out, get accessories in contrasting colors and throw them on for a night out on town for dinner or partying. Take the accessories off and you are gone from super dressy to super casual. These dresses have you ever ready for fun and trust me they are airy enough so you dont get stinky and sweaty πŸ™‚ oh wait us girls dont sweat…my bad i forgot πŸ˜‰ I wore this outfit on a lunch date with the hubby!

I thought the sea blue rope belt and my blue beaded bracelet gives a good contrast to the bright pink and I had completely forgotten about the pink feather earrings I bought last year! They are still everywhere and even they werent who cares? when something makes us feel pretty we should totally go with it! Learn to love yourselves girlies because you are unique in your own ways no one can be a better you than you πŸ™‚

Bracelets: Pandora and Forever 21

Belt: H&M

Dress: H&M

Feather Earrings: Forever 21

Purse: Coach

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Blazer Sophsication from Cute to Classy in seconds! Don’t forget your Pop of Color

Do you have a plain and simple Blazer in your closet that you didn’t how to create a colorful summer look? Well its as simple as just wearing one item that have a bright pop of color such as the Neon Yellow Necklace I am wearing! I don’t know I have some weird obsession with this necklace ever since I bought it. Since its sooo bright I always tone it down by wearing it with a neutral outfit and bring the outfit to life!

I have finally finished tons of tasks and deadlines that I had both personally and professionally so I can officially stop stressing!!! I am planning to make the rest of my summer relaxing and just fun fun fun. How is everyone else’s summer going. Leave me links for outfits that you are currently sporting this summer and I wouldddd love to check them out!

Blazer: H&M

Bracelets: Pandora and Pearl Bangle

Necklace: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Tank Top: Banana Republic

Watch: The Limited

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Aqua, Blue, Green are different Colors of water so wear them!

Hi dahlings!

Your weekly style shopper is back. And this week I was ecstatic to find a Peplum shirt for $11.90! Yes you read it right and it is also in one of the most in colors of this season Aqua, a color very similar to mint green :). Since its made of stretchy material its bound to fit perfectly. I for one can not wait to get my hands on it. I have so many ideas already concocting in my head of what I am going to wear this with. You can dress a peplum shirt with a contrasting or color blocking bodycon skirt or even a pair of cute shorts. Not feeling like showing alot of legs today? No problem just jump into a pair of skinnies! Trust me the possibilities are endless. And for all the office gals out there this is perfect when worn with a pencil skirt as well so you’d be ready to roll from work to drinks with friends in no time!

The outfit overall reminded me of the beach and the sun because its so blue and has a pop of yellow around the neck thanks to the pretty flowery necklace from forever 21! Imagine while you are stuck at work in this cute outfit atleast you can embody the summer and the beach to cheer you and others around you up πŸ™‚ Not to forget ladies blues and greens of all sorts are two of the BIG colors this season.

Feel free to hit the follow button and I will continue bringing my faves of the week to you for a bargain price! Enjoy!

Bracelet: Forever 21 – $4.80

Necklace: Forever 21 – $ 5.80

Skirt: Papaya -$ 12.80

Peplum Top: Love Culture -$ 11.90

My First Blog Award! Kreative Blogger Award

Last week when I logged onto my twitter I was ecstatic to find out that one of my Fave bloggers Simera from Beauty Makeup Addict had nominated me for the Kreative Blogger Award! She does the most amazing eye makeup! I had initially found her on Beautylish and I was completely taken aback by how pretty this girl is and her creativity when it comes to eye makeup. Please do stop by and check her blog out trust me you will not be disappointed πŸ™‚

I had to nominate 10 other bloggers so it took me a while to do some heavy weighing hence the delay in posting this because I love so many bloggers out there they all bring something unique to the table. Unfortunately I could only pick 10. Each of the bloggers that I nominated I have a really good reason to nominate if you have questions as to why you were picked just feel free to ask I will share my secret of why I love you or you blog so much πŸ™‚

Β Rules:
Post a link to the blogger who gave you the award.
Share 7 random things about yourself.
Pass to ten bloggers.

7 Random Facts:

1. I have lived in 3 different continents and 4 different Countries growing up :).

2. I once every couple of years have the urge to play old school Britney Spears and Back Street Boys Song and sing along with them out loud.

3. I participated in creating the World’s Longest Painting but unfortunately never received my Certificate. My parents back then hated Arts and never pursued to get me my certificate. *Womp Womp Womp*.

4. I live breath and sleep Pepsi. At one point I had Blue Rimless Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses (i lost them,they are still my fave), wanted to buy a electric blue car and walk out of it drinking my pepsi and wearing my blue sunglasses…ah so nerdy :).

5. I love military and camouflage fashion. I get random cravings to down them upon myself and feel like I can kick some butt haha.

6. I had thigh long thick hair till I was 16, the moment I got control of my haircuts away from my mom I chopped it real short now I am in the process of growing it back.

7. I will not care if its past midnight if I have found a childhood recipe that I couldnt buy anywhere , you will find me baking or cooking in the kitchen to enjoy that delicious taste again and ofcourse so I can share it with my beloved husband!

The 10 bloggers I would Nominate are:

1) LoveNiki

2) Jessbrianne

3)I Love Green Inspiration

4)Chocolate and Raspberries

5)His Fashion Blog

6) Laura Notorangelo

7) Yasmin Cruz

8) Threads of the Wayfarer

9) The Rocknologist

10) Hungry Cupcakes

H&M Summer Sale going on right now!

Hi dahlings!

I finally got a chance to edit and update this video today. I have too much going on currently both at work and personal life! I am seriously wishing there was a way to add more hours to my day! I am going to bed every night thinking! Ah should have finished that today or should have responded to that person’s email or text! It is not helping that the more and more stressed out I get the more rest I need and I am trying my best to keep my sundays free of everything! Just me relaxing by the pool or doing things that I like minus the errands.Β  Is it working out? Not really but hey atleast I am trying πŸ™‚ Are the rest of you just as stressed and hoping there was a time fairy that will bring in 20 more hours a day in your life?

Yesterday Hubby and I went to the first ever Food truck competition between Baltimore and DC trucks! There will be a post coming soon in regards to thatΒ  with pictures and info of some of the trucks I will be following around! I also got the chance to hang out with my lovely sis Debbie later in the evening. Over all it was a fun filled day. Anyway Enjoy the video shares your thoughts, opinions and things you got on sale recently πŸ™‚