Where Have I been/Hurricane Sandy and Halloween Update

Hellooo dearies!

I have been MIA for over a week now but alottttt has been going on the east coast! Most people know about the craziness of Sandy by now and what started off as eh just another storm turned out to be pretty disastrous. I can not claim that I am highly affected by it because I only lost power but I was slightly worried sick over my brother and sister in law’s safety cause they lost power and touch with us and live in NJ close to the areas that got badly flooded.

So Recap of what has been going on. As most of my avid readers already know I work for a University more so specifically the Admissions department. The deadline for applying to college is tomorrow and people have been going berserk applying which means the little elves (including me and my coworkers) are hard at work loading applications, reading, admitting and sending out letters! In the midst of all this when I had no time to breath comes my fave holiday well second fave to Christmas …HALLOWEEN! Unlike most other halloweens where I decided to go out on town we decided to throw a costume party at our place! And I am soooo glad I did not only get to see some of our closes friends that we havent had a time to catch up with but I met tons of new people that seem wayyyy to cool not to hang out with again! Oh and ofcourse we all needed this right before Ms Sandy the hurricane was going to land! I dressed up as a cop! Hubby was Che guevara. Tons of friends came out decked up as The Mummy, Pilot, Neo from Matrix and one of our closest friend Mike had a home made costume of an anime character Strider which looked stunning!!!!! Now the sad part is although I charged my camera we were alittle toooo excited and forgot to take pictures. But thanks to oneof my friends I was able snag a picture of some of us!

Then came Sandy on Sunday! My mom knocked some sense into me and I decided I guess its time to gear up and grab some bread, canned goodies, water bottles and junk food! Well in the long haul I didnt really need it but I am glad I was prepared. Work had given us orders to work from home although the University closed down so the first day was spent infront of the TV working! Only 40 minutes after speaking with my brother who lost power I lost power as well. Thats when it got boring. I decided hell I have tons of books I can read so me and hubby had candle lit dinner and then we laid in bed and I read  “White Oleander” by Janet Fitch out loud. Guys its an amazing book you will not be bored, very touching and is also part of Oprah’s Book Club.

We spent the night freezing which was a great opportunity to snuggle closer and fall asleep. Next morning I headed to my parents’ which lead to some delicious food prepared by mommie dearest and quality time with the familia while I worked. All in all great bonding time thanks to Sandy. My heart goes out to everyone that lost something due to this hurricane. It’s pretty tragic to see all the destruction but I am glad we didn’t lose alot of lives. Please keep everyone on the east coast in your prayers!

So just to give this post a final Halloween Touch. I am posting the last few halloweens I have spent with Hubby and Friends all decked out in our costumes! Enjoy and let me know what were you this halloween?

Halloween 2012 as a Cop

Hubby and I on the Left and my awesome college buddy and lovely girlie he introduced me to on the right! This chick’s hella fun

Halloween 2010 as a Baseball Player

Halloween 2008 as a Belly Dancer

College Friends, me as a belly dancer and hubby as superman on the right đŸ™‚