I have got Updates!

Its been months since I last spoke to you all sigh! Things have been insane on my end for a bit. I even missed my one year blogaversary 😦 Oh well thats okay we will make up for the lost time.

But schedule wise things are doing alot better on my end. I have two more weeks of school which is making me sleepless for now. Two projects, two presentations, one 30 paper and one exam and I will be done with my first semester of School. Below are some highlight of my last few months good and bad:

1)Went on our first vacation to the beach. Got really cold the weekend we were there but I did throughly enjoy myself. Found some really brilliant places to eat which I will be sharing with you guys via food posts. For now enjoy this picture of the beach πŸ™‚


2) I am eating healthier than I ever had and I have tons of health snack options to share with you guys. I am going to start making that part of my weekly posting schedule.

3)I witnessed alot of ingnorance first hand, nearly lost it and had to shake my head and walk away. This will probably lead to several posts in the Deep thoughts section.

4) I ran! I finally ran well not for long but I ran for 2 minute the first day, then next day for 5! I am not sure how fast I can pick up my pace and speed but it didnt hurt as bad as I expected! For those of you who are avid runners I know this is nothing but ever since the foot injury I have been dying to run again like I used to back in High School. Used to be the second fastest in my school …I know know been a while :-p



5) And I went crazy shopping. The biggest haul video ever recorded by me will be put soon so stay tuned πŸ™‚



Haul- Lilly Pulitzer, H&M Mid-Season Sale, Target

Hi Sweeties,

Finally the editing is done in time so you can go ahead and enjoy some of the loot I grabbed from H&M, Target and Lilly Pulitzer.Β Can’t wait to wear some of the items especially the Spring Coat and the studded tops πŸ™‚ Let me know if there is a specific piece that speaks to you or you have in your closet as well!

Featuring H&M Conscious Collection Dress: H&M,Victoria Secret and Beauty Supply Haul

Hello lovelies! I finally got a chance to make the promised video yesterday of all the things I bought last weekend. The bad part was I went to the mall again right after the video making session and haha ended up indulging in some more amazing stuff! Well gives me more material to show you soon πŸ™‚ For now enjoyΒ  my amazing finds from last week! Oh and the big deal about this video? I bought the peach H&M lace Conscious collection dress! Check it out!

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