My Christmas wishlist

Hi Dahlings,

I have been super busy with work and I literally have had no time but to come home, eat dinner and on certain occasions squeeze in tiny amount of gym time before bed. I have been missing talking to you all so much. The more erratic my life has been the crazier I have been at shopping. Not only I have incorporated millions of dresses in my wardrobe which I used to lack badly last year, I also went on a shopping spree at H&M for work related pencil skirts. They have a major sale going on. After all this I still have quite a few items on my christmas wishlist that I am hoping someone else in the family will grab for me 🙂 So lets begin the show and tell:


H&M Red Slit Dress 


Guess Faux Fur Jacket


Mavy Savvy Mini Satchel 


H&M Yellow Pleated skirt  

zipped pencil

Mavy Savvy Zippered Pencil Skirt  


Mavy Savvy Jean Jacket


Anthropologie Dress

Outfit Post: Cool Summer in Fall?

Hi lovelies,

This week came an amazing surprise – a 70 degree day in November on the east coast! That is something I hadn’t even imagined in my wildest dreams. To make my little self miserable it was my work from home day where I am glued to the computer like the IT nerd that I am. But I decided to dress up and take a few pictures of my outfit on my lunch break and once I was done working I decided to run a few quick errands a little too dressed up for them…but hey I wasn’t going to miss out on this beautiful day. I am oohing and aahing at all the Cali, Miami and Texas bloggers who are living their lives jacket less and wearing cute crop tops and skirts still maybe this was my birthday present from the weather Gods? Why question it when all I had to do was enjoy the day 🙂











Crop top: H&M

Cuff: Nordstorm

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Brash

Watch: Kolber

You Scream, I Scream, We all scream for Army Green!

Hi lovelies,

As promised I have a gajillion outfit posts from the past few days. The weather is getting better and I don’t have to bundle up in a million layers with a jacket on top anymore. I get cold easy 🙂

Army green has always been one of my most fave trend. I love anything camo as well. I have been caught wearing army green and como even when it wasnt a trend haha. So ofcourse it isnt a surprise that I will immediately pull anything and everything army green out of my closet. This dress has to be one of my most expensive purchases as H&M butttttt I just couldnt not have it once I tried it on and I loved the gold detailing on the dress. Hubby and I went out to eat lunch and then we decided to stop by our public library for these pictures. It just recently got renovated and it has to be the cutest and most serene little place with little ponds and gardens. Hubby and I love books and reading so we plan to go back and stand an entire afternoon just looking through books – ah geeks much? 🙂

What do you think about the army green trend?










Bracelet: 24kt Gold (gift from parents bought in UAE)

Dress: H&M (currently in store)

Sandals: Sigrid by Dansko

Sunglasses: H&M(currently in store)

Watch: 14kt Gold Kolber bangle style watch

Haul- Lilly Pulitzer, H&M Mid-Season Sale, Target

Hi Sweeties,

Finally the editing is done in time so you can go ahead and enjoy some of the loot I grabbed from H&M, Target and Lilly Pulitzer. Can’t wait to wear some of the items especially the Spring Coat and the studded tops 🙂 Let me know if there is a specific piece that speaks to you or you have in your closet as well!

Back to Classics: Black and White

Hi Sweeties,

This was my outfit on MLK Day. I wanted something casual yet slightly rough and tough. I also havent worn all black in a while so I decided to opt for black and white. All we did was go out to eat and then run some errands. Midway through the day I developed a horrible migraine (On going issue cause of my allergies and having mold in my place which we are moving from in 15 days!) I was going to give up on not taking pictures but I was like you know what I am going to do it! I am going to push. I always think about the models on American’s Next Top Model who have to go through crazy things to get a good picture taken. Clearly I didnt have the top model strength cause the pictures actually show my pain lol. Need to work harder on that I guess.





Boots: Dansko

Button Up: H&M

Skinny Jeans: Snake Print – H&M

Vest: H&M

Watch: Fossil

Outfit: Embodying my Surroundings – Mint, Winter Forrest and Fog

Hi Lovelies!

Friday was a horrible day for me. I lost my mind at work too much going on at once. Sad part about me losing my mind is that I actually had gotten good news that a new person has been hired who will be taking over their tasks next month! Which means I will officially be only doing 2 people’s job till my new supervisor learn the ropes and picks up her stuff off my plate. All the stress lead to a migraine and I decided to leave work half an hour early. And then I was disappointed in myself cause I was doing so well with my motto of being happy and not letting things get to me but honestly my desk has so much stuff on it that I can’t even put my lunch down on it 😦 I have to work harder on the stressing out thing! School is only a month away and I have signed up for two grad school classes…yah…stupid me…Always trying to be an over achiever.

Anyhow I guess someone upstairs love me enough to give us 53 degree weather in January on the East coast! And to kill stress I decided to go out to the Park by the lake with Hubby before the Ravens Games. And I specifically decided to wear this outfit cause I wanted to embody my surroundings! The trees, winter mint and water! I completely forgot to take a picture of hubby. It was interesting cause we were both dressed up to later go watch the game at a nice restaurant and one guy stopped to compliment both of us. Ah maybe we were a bit overdressed for the park? hahaha but I just wanted to walk around cause the weather so nice!

Hows the weather at where you guys living at? Is it just as crazy and unpredictable for you as it is here. We are usually freezing by this time but I was able to walk around in a mini with no stockings and I was completely fine!











Bag: Iam

Bangle: Monet Pearls

Bracelet:  H&M

Boots: Dansko

Necklace: Fresh Water pearls from UAE

Tank: G by Guess

Skit: H&M

Top: H&M currently in store on sale price

Christmas Eve: Winter Blue with Lil bit of Lime

Hi dearies!

As promised I am hard at work with my blog postings while I am away from my work desk! Hurray for me! Anyhow most of my shopping was already done ahead of time but I had a few errands to run the day of Christmas Eve. It was supposed to start snowing that afternoon so I decided to go with the theme of Winter Blue but wanted to add some lime to it to keep with the theme of flower power going lol

Oh my little cat Star also made an appearance in one the pictures =D not to mention half the presents that got wrapped before christmas eve lol

I rarely have my hair up hence when my aunt saw me that day she really wondered where I was headed to and all I said was running errands and back home. I don’t think she bought it. I also magically ended up finding my fave eye makeup! I was blending Blues and greens and I realized  it was the perfect peacock eye makeup look that goes great with my brown eyes. I will definitely have to do tutorial on that sometime soon. It is my number 1 fave right now!

Here are some quick snaps we took before I left the house. It was a little too chill outside for me to frolic around without a jacket 🙂





Bangles: H&M

Boots: Dansko

Clutch: H&M

Necklace: H&M

Top: H&M

Tights: H&m

Watch: Guess

Mega Haul: Last minute Holiday Deals, Target and Neiman Marcus Collab, H&M and more

Hi sweeties!

So I had been swamped with insane amount of work and I am officially on Holiday break from work. Yes perks of working at a University. You work yourselves to the bone then they give you tons of free days off around the Holiday season to refresh and recoup! Which means regular postings from my end =D

I thought this haul video will be a perfect for last minute gift ideas and deals that you can snag from H&M and Target. Some of these items have been in Ads have been wanted by many etc etc and now they are on SALE! Get them while they are still in stock 🙂

I missed you all soooo much! Did you guys miss me?

Highlighter Yellow Necklace mingles with the Coral Skirt

I have been itching to log onto my blog and share with you my outfits, the food I have been cooking or buying but the internet and cable is still down in my area. I was lucky enough to not loose power at all but sadly on Sunday afternoon we lost our TV and Internet Connection. And as you all know how annoying that is in today’s world when we are glued to the web 24/7 or if not that then the TV. Granted Hubby and I got some much needed bonding time and we played tons of video games.  I took these pictures Sunday when we went out for dinner and a walk. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to post them as planned on Monday. My 4TH of July nails and outfit posts are delayed too. Sigh…I need my cable and Internet back. Hopefully everyone else is safe and sound and had a great 4th of July 🙂


Bracelet – H&M (currently on sale for a $1)

Necklace: Highlighter Yellow -H&M (currently in store for $3.95)

Skirt: H&M

Top: H&M

Watch: Kolber 14kt gold

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H&M Summer Sale going on right now!

Hi dahlings!

I finally got a chance to edit and update this video today. I have too much going on currently both at work and personal life! I am seriously wishing there was a way to add more hours to my day! I am going to bed every night thinking! Ah should have finished that today or should have responded to that person’s email or text! It is not helping that the more and more stressed out I get the more rest I need and I am trying my best to keep my sundays free of everything! Just me relaxing by the pool or doing things that I like minus the errands.  Is it working out? Not really but hey atleast I am trying 🙂 Are the rest of you just as stressed and hoping there was a time fairy that will bring in 20 more hours a day in your life?

Yesterday Hubby and I went to the first ever Food truck competition between Baltimore and DC trucks! There will be a post coming soon in regards to that  with pictures and info of some of the trucks I will be following around! I also got the chance to hang out with my lovely sis Debbie later in the evening. Over all it was a fun filled day. Anyway Enjoy the video shares your thoughts, opinions and things you got on sale recently 🙂