Lana Del Rey H&M Ad campaign Inspired Nails

Hiya Lovelies!

So I have been slowly but surely increasing my Lana Del Rey H&M ad campaign collection…It is just sooo pretty , flowery and artsy each piece just speaks to me, asks me to wear it! So this past week I was like you know what? I need to come up with a nail pattern to match the most famous pattern from the collection. This is my first take on the pattern. I am hoping to try some more variation hopefully in the coming days and week! Dont you justtttt love this pattern from the collection as well? Scroll to the bottom of the post for how I created these nails.

Here is a photo of the top Pattern from the H&M Website


Here are all the nail Polishes I used to achieve this look. The two on the far left are from H&M store and the other two I am not sure probably came with some nail polish set cause I seem to not recognize them as top brand nail polishes.
Instructions: First paint your nails entirely white. Next take the purple or violet and make sure you rinse of excess nail polish on the sides of the bottle so we you have barely any nail polish on the brush slowly dab it on your nails in random spots. Then next use the blue and repeat the same process. Think of being an artist and doing tiny dabs on a canvas with paint that you are running out of but thats the effect we are are going for. Next repeat the same step with red! And viola you are done 🙂