Christmas Eve: Winter Blue with Lil bit of Lime

Hi dearies!

As promised I am hard at work with my blog postings while I am away from my work desk! Hurray for me! Anyhow most of my shopping was already done ahead of time but I had a few errands to run the day of Christmas Eve. It was supposed to start snowing that afternoon so I decided to go with the theme of Winter Blue but wanted to add some lime to it to keep with the theme of flower power going lol

Oh my little cat Star also made an appearance in one the pictures =D not to mention half the presents that got wrapped before christmas eve lol

I rarely have my hair up hence when my aunt saw me that day she really wondered where I was headed to and all I said was running errands and back home. I don’t think she bought it. I also magically ended up finding my fave eye makeup! I was blending Blues and greens and I realized  it was the perfect peacock eye makeup look that goes great with my brown eyes. I will definitely have to do tutorial on that sometime soon. It is my number 1 fave right now!

Here are some quick snaps we took before I left the house. It was a little too chill outside for me to frolic around without a jacket 🙂





Bangles: H&M

Boots: Dansko

Clutch: H&M

Necklace: H&M

Top: H&M

Tights: H&m

Watch: Guess

Flowery Peplum and Oxblood for Fall – Yet another Lana Del Rey for H&M ad special

Hi dearies!

I wasn’t kidding when I said I am obsessed with this flower print that H&M featured in the ad campaign with Lana Del Rey. Also  was ecstatic to find these pants on sale at the H&M for close to 10 bucks! I have seen other burgundy or oxblood skinnies but this is a very deep burgundy which sets it apart from others I have seen. I wore this outfit to my mall trip with my hubby and then we stopped by Duclaws Brewing Company to enjoy the most delicious ever Lamb Burger! And trust me when I say I have been looking for some good Lamb burgers in the area. This has to be by far my most fave!

Following dinner I got a much needed haircut. I don’t think you can still tell except my bangs are back above my eyebrows where most people want them to be lol. I also invested in a new hair product that so many different Hairstylists recommended to me but I needed to do my research and kept forgetting. I have been using it and have already noticed a humongous difference and seriously it hasn’t been long enough. Stay tuned to my blog as I will shortly be doing some quick reviews on the new product and the one I have been using for over a month or two now for deep conditioning! I am not kidding my coworkers have noticed a difference. These products seem perfect for winter weather when we wear tons of scarfs/jackets that rub against the nape of your hair and especially my hair gets really dry and tangly during winter. All of that vanished so I am kindda excited 🙂

Bag: H&M (Currently in store on sale price)

Bangle: Monet Pearls

Boots: Dansko

Earring: Monet Pearl Earrings (matches with the bangle)

Skinny Jeans: H&M (currently in store on sale price)

Watch: Guess (Birth Day present from my parents this year)

Top: H&M  (Still available in select stores)

Oxblood, Burgundy and Flowered Leggings- Loving the Lana Del Rey Print

Hello Dearies!

Here is the second outfit post that I couldn’t find time to post thanks to Ms. Sandy the Hurricane. But I am going to be wearing the same outfit today to reminisces the pretty fall leaves before they got trampled and brutally thrown around. Wore this outfit to work with a long duster sweater to make it more appropriate. Some awesome cuties at work loved the leggings and made me blush with all their adorable compliments. We had a big discussion about H&M’s Lana Del Rey Ad campaign and I couldn’t stop urging them to go buy a pair of these leggings for close to 10 bucks!!!

Hubby and I  went to get some dinner and party decorations for halloween and I can’t tell you how many people told me they love my pants/leggings. I thought I was the only looney bin in love with this print but it only proved right that this print is to die for! Last I checked at H&M they still have these available in store, so grab a pair if you haven’t already. It will keep your Fall and Winter full of flowers and Color!

Let me know what leggings are your rocking? Feel free to leave links to outfit posts and pictures. I would love to check them out !

Bag: H&M currently in store for $29.95

Bangles: H&M currently in store for $5.95

Belt: Forever 21

Boots: Danskos

Leggings: H&M Lana Del Rey currently in store for $9.95

Necklace: H&M

Lana Del Rey H&M Ad campaign Inspired Nails

Hiya Lovelies!

So I have been slowly but surely increasing my Lana Del Rey H&M ad campaign collection…It is just sooo pretty , flowery and artsy each piece just speaks to me, asks me to wear it! So this past week I was like you know what? I need to come up with a nail pattern to match the most famous pattern from the collection. This is my first take on the pattern. I am hoping to try some more variation hopefully in the coming days and week! Dont you justtttt love this pattern from the collection as well? Scroll to the bottom of the post for how I created these nails.

Here is a photo of the top Pattern from the H&M Website


Here are all the nail Polishes I used to achieve this look. The two on the far left are from H&M store and the other two I am not sure probably came with some nail polish set cause I seem to not recognize them as top brand nail polishes.
Instructions: First paint your nails entirely white. Next take the purple or violet and make sure you rinse of excess nail polish on the sides of the bottle so we you have barely any nail polish on the brush slowly dab it on your nails in random spots. Then next use the blue and repeat the same process. Think of being an artist and doing tiny dabs on a canvas with paint that you are running out of but thats the effect we are are going for. Next repeat the same step with red! And viola you are done 🙂