Oxblood, Burgundy and Flowered Leggings- Loving the Lana Del Rey Print

Hello Dearies!

Here is the second outfit post that I couldn’t find time to post thanks to Ms. Sandy the Hurricane. But I am going to be wearing the same outfit today to reminisces the pretty fall leaves before they got trampled and brutally thrown around. Wore this outfit to work with a long duster sweater to make it more appropriate. Some awesome cuties at work loved the leggings and made me blush with all their adorable compliments. We had a big discussion about H&M’s Lana Del Rey Ad campaign and I couldn’t stop urging them to go buy a pair of these leggings for close to 10 bucks!!!

Hubby and I  went to get some dinner and party decorations for halloween and I can’t tell you how many people told me they love my pants/leggings. I thought I was the only looney bin in love with this print but it only proved right that this print is to die for! Last I checked at H&M they still have these available in store, so grab a pair if you haven’t already. It will keep your Fall and Winter full of flowers and Color!

Let me know what leggings are your rocking? Feel free to leave links to outfit posts and pictures. I would love to check them out !

Bag: H&M currently in store for $29.95

Bangles: H&M currently in store for $5.95

Belt: Forever 21

Boots: Danskos

Leggings: H&M Lana Del Rey currently in store for $9.95

Necklace: H&M