Weekly Style Shopper: Olive is your friend this fall

Hi lovelies,

This outfit came to life when I first walked into H&M about a little over a week ago to check out what I wanted to score from Giselle for H&M Fall collection. I bought three things from the line the two jackets and these imitation leather pants.  I wore the craziness out of my black pleather pants last Fall and winter and thought immediately since Olive and Army green is sucha huge thing this Fall and winter this cheap yet highly quality pants would fit right into my wardrobe. These are also going to be warmer then any other leggings you own because they have somewhat of a warm material on the inside which almost feels like very very thin fleece. These also give the appearance of a legging but they are actually pants with zips on the side of your waist.

I am still not over peplum tops and I saw some really good ones at Express. They are made of the perfect stretchy material to give you the oomph where you need it and hide the problem spots if you have any. I also loved the two toned color block concept on the front of the top and the two toned pipping and  zip on the back. This gives your outfit a whole new meaning. The front is different then the back so people might just have to double take once they pass you and blink their eyes to get it all right. I think the best way to wear this outfit will be with some cute classy booties to add some edge but you can always put some heels on if you want a more chic look.

Let me know if you are looking forward to everything Olive this fall and winter?




Booties: Payless $39.99

Necklace: Forever 21 $6.80

Pants: H&M $9.95

Top: Express $29.90


Leather,Snake print and Cobalt blue all in one outfit! what more can I ask for?

Hi Lovelies,

I know it has been ages since the last time I posted an outfit post. It’s not that I haven’t been dressing up or trying to show you what trends I have been enjoying in my personal life but things have been utterly busy. From getting back from work late enough that its dark outside and utterly gloomy weather to God knows what all has been impeding me from being able to capture my fave outfit moments. Which of course is making me consider buying a new camera soon possibly a DSLR. My hubby loves photography and he has been hoping I will nod my head in approval of spending a huge chunk of money on the cannon rebel possibly a T3 or T4.

Anyway apart from all that I love love loveeeee this outfit! The most bizarre incident happened when I was wearing my leather tights at the mall. Some lady walks up to me and tells me my pants look really cool. I thanked her and then she asked me if she can feel the texture of my leather pants. I reluctantly but very politely told her sure. She got a good feel of my knee and declared to her lady friend that these pants are really cool. That ensued a discussion on where I got them from. I gave this key piece of information , she walked off all happy while I just sat their wondering did this just really happen to me? Well I guess I’ll take that as a compliment 🙂 I love my new Cobalt Blue shirt and of course the snakeprint clutch!!!! Gosh I can just live in this outfit 🙂

Bracelets: Diamond 14kt White Gold Bangle,

                                                   Snakeprint Metallics from H&M (currently in store)

Boots: Dansko

Clutch: H&M

Leather Leggings: G by Guess

Necklace: H&M

Top: Sheer Cobalt Blue from H&M (Currently in store)

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