Your Weekly Style Shopper: LBBD Little Black BRIGHT Dress – ft Rihanna and Baby Spice

Hello dahlings!

Its friday end of the work week and beginning of relaxation, partying, get togethers whatever else floats your boat! (lets not forget football). I am currently enjoying some much needed me time and reminiscing about the brightest blood orangish cutest pumps I saw at H&M. I was super close to buying them but the foot ailment stopped me from such an on the whim decision. Let my foot get fixed (if ever) and we will have shoes galore and me laying in between them hmm that would make a great movie poster for a chickflick about women, girlfriends and shopping!

Now that I have returned from near dead thanks to my NFL app that decided to play loud music to give me updates on this week injuries, as I was sitting here and typing this( Didn’t expect loud trumpet and drums style music to ring but updating to new iOS6 release for iphone has changed all my settings) lets talk about what would I wear these orgasmic shoes with? Something simple, something sensual and sexy….. the idea of a black dress popped in my head. And then I landed on not just any black dress but the naughtiest of the black dress. Just when you think this is all the view anyone’s gonna get, it gives them a heart attack by giving them a glimpse of your legs…did they say peekabo?

It then dawned on me what a brilliant idea forget the old school Little Black dress with black pumps and your hair in an updo! How about we do Little black BRIGHT dress and while we are at it we will put a matching bright pendant around our neck and let our hair down and be as fierce as we can be! After all we are powerful women. Its not that easy to tame our wild side!


Dress: Forever 21 -$24.80

Pendant: Overstock -$10.49

Shoes- H&M -$34.95