Mens Fashion: Summer Colored Shoes for every occasion

I was stunned to find out that there is a whole market of colored shoes out for men  for Summer! I mean the markets and the web is always boiling over with  trendy colorful shoes for women but we barely see anything for men other then the basics. As usual I have options for all different occasions, casual, dressy and for those of you who are still not ready to come out all the way in the world of colors yet 🙂

I love the colorful soles on these Jil Sanders Shoes. Imagine matching your suit shirt the same color as the sole! These are perfect for any occasion where you want to look sophisticated, classy and want to make a fashion statement.



For those of you who want some subtle color or your own fashion secret at the work place these Jil Sanders shoes will be a great buy and ofcourse these are perfect for those of you who are planning to breakout in to the color world and arent fully ready yet. People will only see a hint of color as they catch you walking away from them. It will definitely hold their attention.

Lets get a little casual now. These Armando Cabral loafers are perfect to with shorts, cargo pants or jeans! If you want you could even dress them up a little  by wearing them with some dressy straight leg pants and a casual blazer. Prefect for those nights when the weather gets slightly chilly.


Those of you who like lace ups well there is something out for you as well in casuals. Walk over shoes has their own lace up version of colored sole shoes that would look great with jeans and any casual style pants!


And then I fell upon these modern, unique and versatile loafers by SWIMS ! They are made of water resistant rubber and nylon.  They are slip resistant and lets your feet breath better compared to other regular loafers. And guess whats an added plus? They are machine washable! Can it get any better then this?


Hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to comment, follow and post suggestions 🙂