It was a scarf with a Summer Dress Kindda Day!

Hello Lovelies I had an amazing weekend! I am still bursting with excitement over stuff I bought on Sunday! Can’t wait to show you all the goodies I got, so look out for the haul video 🙂 Saturday I had a much needed hangout session with some of my college friends. I hadn’t laughed soooo hard in a long time. Dont get me wrong I  am always laughing but trust me I was laughing out REAL LOUD that night 🙂 hopefully just loud and not obnoxious :-p

Bag: Coach

Belt: Forever 21

Bracelet: Pandora

Dress: H&M

Scarf: My friend got it from me when she visited India 🙂 Soo pretty!

Watch: Disney’s Tinker Bell watch


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Return of the Denim Jacket

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I returned from work and thought that I can make the outfit a little more preppy and laid back by throwing on my favorite denim jacket, to go out for the evening! I love metals and this Denim jacket is a true example of that!

Bag: Guess -Denim Material

Bracelet: Pandora

Denim Jacket: Tammy

Sandals: Dansko

Scarf: H&M

Shirt: Banana Republic

Skirt: H&M

Watch: Fossil