Your Weekly Style Shopper: Make me Blush for $32.79

I am sooo excited to share these amazing finds with you guys because I desperately want the bangle and scarf that I have featured in this week’s Weekly Style Shopper post! I am not kidding the moment I set my eyes on this Bangle which is only $3.99 at Papaya Clothing I knew I had to find  a matching dress and items to go with it. Finding the scarf to go with it was something that got me excited even further! Ah need to go find them myself but why is it that I can never find some of these items in stores?  Last resort as usual Online shopping! But I have something against paying for shipping lol.

Let me know What you think about these items. Come on I am sure they excite you as much as they excited me? yay? nay? 🙂

Bangle: Papaya Clothing – $3.99

Dress: Forever 21 – $12.50

Scarf Tribal Print: Forever 21 – $8.80

Thong Style Flip Flops: Forever 21 – $7.50

Your Weekly Style Shopper: Bright Sun and Clear Skies for only $32.20

So I have been extremely busy today! Came back from work and found a note on my door from my new neighbor she is actually a musician and singer! They were having a last minute show at one of the local cafe’s and wanted us to stop by. We had spoken once or twice with her hubby and her and they seemed super nice so how could I not go? I was mesmerized by how well she can sing! I will definitely post some pics of the show and links to her information in a future blog post.

For now I am going to share my weekly bargain outfit with you all amazing people:) Enjoy. Let me know what pieces you like in the outfit and as always feel free to comment, suggest outfit styles or request outfits 🙂

P.S The entire outfit is from Forever 21 for once 🙂

Bangles: Forever21 $7.80

Dress: Forever21 $8.80

Necklace: Forever21 $5.80

Sandals: Forever21 $9.80

Who says we can’t be Colorful at work?

The weather is pretty cold and gloomy  again! To top it there is also crazy amount of wind so I had to take out my handy dandy trench coat! Brrrr can’t wait till it gets warmer again!

I also have been meaning to thank everyone that has chosen to follow me! I have been trying to stop by everyone’s blog to check out your stuff and return the favor 🙂 Trust me each of you give me utter joy and happiness, as well as restores my belief that going public with my fashion and styling was a good idea!

Watched Rihanna’s new video “Where have you been” today courtesy of my husband and now my head is swimming with some amazing fashion ideas! I will be putting those together hopefully at some point this week and featuring them as Outfit of the day so check back for that! Hope everyone is having a great day and stay warm 🙂

Belt: H&M

Bracelet: Target

Necklace: Amethyst Butterfly (from U.A.E)

Skirt: H&M

Trench: H&M

Top: Heritage 81 (Forever 21 sister site) A lot of people have been asking for it so you can buy it here

Watch: New York and Co

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It was a scarf with a Summer Dress Kindda Day!

Hello Lovelies I had an amazing weekend! I am still bursting with excitement over stuff I bought on Sunday! Can’t wait to show you all the goodies I got, so look out for the haul video 🙂 Saturday I had a much needed hangout session with some of my college friends. I hadn’t laughed soooo hard in a long time. Dont get me wrong I  am always laughing but trust me I was laughing out REAL LOUD that night 🙂 hopefully just loud and not obnoxious :-p

Bag: Coach

Belt: Forever 21

Bracelet: Pandora

Dress: H&M

Scarf: My friend got it from me when she visited India 🙂 Soo pretty!

Watch: Disney’s Tinker Bell watch


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Your Weekly Style Shopper: Be Brighter Than The Sun for only $ 31.40

It’s that time of the week again, Your Weekly Style shopper is back with this weeks bargain outfit! I honestly loveeeee every single piece I picked out for this outfit! My favorite piece in this outfit are definitely the earrings only $1.90! Whoever designed them is a genius. Sucha simple idea but sooooo pretty!

Comments, Suggestions, Requests for specific styles are always welcome! Don’t forget to hit the follow button to get Weekly Style shopper post delivered straight to your inbox each week 🙂

Bracelet: Forever 21 $4.80

Dress: Love Culture $14.90

Earrings: Love Culture $1.90

Thong Sandals: Forever 21 $9.80




One Lace Dress Worn Two Ways!

White Lace Dresses are all the Rave this spring hence I had to deck myself out in one. I chose today to be the day 🙂 My take on the mini white lace dress worn two ways: With shorts, all tucked in or without shorts hanging free 🙂

Belt: Forever 21

Bracelets: Target

Clutch/Wallet: Target

Lace Dress: H&M

Shorts: G by Guess

Tank Top: Guess

Watch: Disney’s Tinker Bell


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