What other way can you wear a pretty Belt except on the Waist? I wear the Sky and the Sun :)

So this weekend has been immensely busy for me! Saturday was get crazy for a wedding reception/after party day! I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what I wanted to wear to the reception. It was a Orange, Green or Floral themed Reception and we could range anywhere from semi casual to somewhat dressy. I opted for a pastel green and pink Spaghetti Strap dress which was ofcourse Floral! Pictures to come soon 🙂 Sunday ofcourse was Mommie day! First hubby and I went to see his mommie and then I asked Dad to bring mom over to my place after she gets off of work so I can cook her dinner. I have cooked dinner for everyone except my mom only cause she is an awesome host and chef and she does all the cooking for me hehe 🙂 For those of you who don’t know much about Pakistani Culture we aren’t really big on Mothers Day so It was an easy surprise, she didn’t in the least expect anything more than just a tiny gift 🙂 Right now its 2am in the morning and I am exhausted. I have finished some Monday work for my job in hopes it will give me a good head start for the coming morning! Yawn! Enjoy my Bright Sunny Mustard Skirt with Clear as Sky, Blue top 🙂

Belt tip: You see the funny twisty necklace around my neck? haha it was a belt that came off of a recent H&M skirt purchase. There are gold links on the back just like a necklace would so why wouldn’t we utilize it as a necklace?

Bead Bracelets: Target

Clutch: Missoni Target

Necklace(In reality a Belt!): H&M

Skirt: Forever 21

Top: Banana Republic

Watch: 14kt Kolber Watch

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