Life Control 101 : Walking Away…the appropriate time to do just that

Hi sweeties!


Its very appropriate for me to write this post right now because TAKING  A BREAK is exactly what I am going to be doing starting tomorrow. Those of you have been avidly reading my blog know that last Friday I had a mini melt down. That is exactly when I decided I need a break. Luckily for me most people at my office know how much time and effort I am putting in so asking for a day off only a week in advance didnt raise any brows.

If you are anything like me you decide not to take time off when school work or office work starts to pile up. Heck even if you are too busy with your home life. You cancel that vacation and whatever else you had planned because you know people have expectations of you. You drain yourself in so much work that you don’t even have time to stop and eat. You start being cranky, have lack of energy, come home collapse at night and do it all over again the next day. It’s like your a mouse in mouse trap just going in circles.

How can you avoid this vicious circle? TAKE A BREAK…it is very important that you take breaks specially when work load gets to this extent. The mentality that this isnt an appropriate time to drop everything and walk away is very wrong. Taking 24 hours to 48 hours and then coming back to the task at hand will keep you motivated, be less whinny, good for everyone dealing with you and good for your own health. And you will be able to think with a clearer mind and actually increase your productivity further which will be bogged down if you are stressed and fatigued day in and out. Trust me from my experience I have noticed that after a break I went back to doing twice the amount of work I did the week before when I was overwhelmed and tired.

I know this that when that person, office or school work needs you the most the last thing you think of is disappointing them but to be honest if you dont walk away for a bit you will eventually collapse and the road from burnout and stress recovery will be way more harsher. You will loose interest in what you are doing and even loose credibility at your job as someone  who has no interest in their job anymore.

 When to know its time for a break vs becoming someone who always ditches work on others when they are needed the most:

1-Do you spend more time thinking about whats on your checklist to do than actually getting things done?

2- Are you catching yourself thinking about your tasks and to do list when you should be enjoying your time with family or doing something fun?

3- Are you overwhelmed and can not catch up to the tasks that are being put on your plate?

4- Have you started despising things that you loved doing once at work or school?

5- Are you Snappy, Cranky or losing your temper easily? Have others noticed a change in your behavior?

6- Is your performance at the task you were good at going down?

7- Your skipping sleep or meals to finish the projects assigned to you?

8- You dont remember the last time you had FUN?

9- Are you catching yourself constantly looking at the time and hoping you had more hours in your day?

10- Although you are sleeping enough your body and mind are still tired?

If more than 4 or 5 of these sound true then you are fatigued and your body needs a break.  Trust me the 24 to 48 hours you take off and try to shut your brain off would reward you in finishing your tasks in lightening fast speed.

Everything is good in moderation if you push yourself too far you are bound to break but if you work hard and then play hard you have a healthy balance in life. So stop , smile and take that break you deserve!