Weekly Style Shopper: Rock your Denim trend the Feminine way

Hi sweeties,

If you have been to the mall recently you will see most stores are putting up tons and tons of denim in their windows, on their front tables by the entrance. And its not just denim trousers or pants. We are talking about denim tops, dresses and jackets. I know some people have a hard time figuring out how to wear denim from head to toe or just plain dont feel comfortable doing it. Well let me show you a way where you can rock the denim trend and still feel super girly and chic. Just because you are wearing denim doesnt mean you are dressed casual. You can dress your denim up with LACE! and statement necklaces.

I actually just recently bought a denim shirt and to be honest.I think it is the shirt that I used in the photograph here. Dont be surprised if you see me rocking this outfit in the next couple of days as an outfit post because my heart is set on it. My only little issue : THOSE CUTE DENIM SHOES! Unfortunately there is no Shiekh store in my state so I can’t put my hands on those cutesy denim shoes and some of you are aware I wear othrotics so who knows if they will fit in those shoes or not. I am going to go on a look out for a similar pair of shoes. The price on the shoes is pretty amazing too 12 bucks? Ah….I WANT THEM SOOO BAD.

Onto our statement necklace. As good as they look on a solid round neck shirt. You will be surprised to find out they also look pretty gorgeous with a button up shirt if you button it up all the way and then plop on the statement necklace on top of the shirt. Go on try it infront of your mirror with pieces you already own- you are going to fall in love with this trend 🙂

Lace skirts are the epitome of femininity and they can make anything look super girly hence pairing the denim shirt with a lace skirt is the most ideal way of getting a super girly outfit and still rocking the denim trend.


Lace Skirt: Forever 21- $24.80

Necklace: Forever 21- $7.80

Shoes: Shiekh Faddy – $12.99

Top: H&M – $24.95

Weekly Style Shopper: Black and Red Lace Valentines Special!

Hi dahlings!

I had a break in blogging again but it was the first week of graduate School for me. Its interesting to be in class again and both of my classes have group projects which I guess is a blessing and curse all in one. You are dependent on others and have to meet up at certain points but then you have help if you ever are stuck or need ideas.

Anyway among the school starting, work still piled up at my job and moving commotion I realized I completely forgot we are in February and Valentines Day is around the corner. I always wore red on valentines day whether I was single or taken. I just love black and red combo and adding lace to it has been my fave way to wear the combo. Lace shoes just enough skin to draw attention and not be raunchy. It can be very vampirish looking but I have always had a soft spot for vampires growing up even way before the whole True Blood and Twilight fad. Actually Twilight turned me off the vampires a little bit.

Anyways I saw this dress at Love Culture and I was completely in love. It is the perfect style for this year as well since its a Hi- Lo Dress. It will keep your dates eyes on you all night. And if you are hanging out with your group of friends you’d still be the lady of the night! I prefer since its such a classic red and black lace dress we can keep the jewelry and shoes simple. I think the suede shoes will make it more lady like and classic vs plasticy looking patent ones. What do you think?


Bangles: Forever 21 – $6.80

Dress: Love Culture – $23.90

Necklace: Forever 21 – $5.80

Shoes: Payless – $19.99

Weekly Style Shopper: Work is Important but so is Your Attire …Be fierce at your Job

Hi Sweeties,

This weeks theme for me was pencil skirts. Since I need new ones for my own job! I ran across this cute one at H&M and I feel its different due to the black waist band. Its not the typical grey or black. It’s actually both! I love the Polka Dot peplum top alot too and it comes with a cute belt! Totally worth buying!

I am not sure why but I have always had an obsession with pencil skirts they make you remain feminine but say I mean Business. Well at least in my head. When wearing such a busy top I think the jewelry can stay to a minimum but if you dont care you can take it up a notch by adding a nice bracelet or watch 🙂 Also shoes don’t have to match what you wear they can be your rebellious pop of a different color. It says am not just another typical worker you think I am dressed head to toe in the same color scheme…wait wait..no I am going to surprise you at every turn 🙂

        Work Friendly

Earrings: Charlotte Russe – $5.00

Skirt: H&M – $24.95

Shoes: Charlotte Russe – $20.00

Top: Forever 21 – $24.80

Weekly Style Shopper : Geometric Patterns are all the Rave in 2013

Hi lovelies,

So here I was just browsing through the online world of shopping when I noticed countless geometric print dresses, skirts, leggins and it hits me that it was indeed all over the runway shoes and we are probably going to get overloaded with them this year! Geometric patterns can be a hit or miss. You can go tame or you can go completely clown like crazy with them. I found this dress on sale at macys for 20 bucks it is considered geometric pattern but I feel its more of a tame flower power style sheath dress. Ofcourse Gold is pretty big too this year so I decided why not pair it with these cute gold pumps and some gold bangles. What do you think about Geometric patterns are you planning to rock it this year?

Geomatric Print

Bangles : Forever 21 -$7.80

Dress: Macys – $20

Pumps:  Charlotte Russe – $17.49

Your Weekly Style Shopper:Paint me Highlighter Yellow Only $55.54

Hi lovelies,

I came home and had to take a nap was extremely tired after work today which means I am wide awake right now! Oh well its the weekend so it doesnt matter much. I will catch up on some much needed sleep tomorrow 🙂

My favorite piece in this outfit has to be the antique looking cuff. I think every woman owns a piece of jewlery that she wears with anything and everything. That cuff seems to be slightly vintage looking and would make a great statement piece whether worn with something that matches or not. What do you think?

As always feel free to comment, make suggestions or make request of what particular styles you would like me to bring you weekly.

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Cuff: Forever 21 – $4.80

Dress: H&M – $12.95

Necklace: Forever 21 – $10.80

Shoes: Tillys – 26.99