A day well spent!

Hi lovelies!
I am planning to stick around tampa for longer than I planned! The day today was spent in Tarpon Springs which is an old greek community! Everything is set up like its straight out of some part in greece! Had some delicious cheese that was set on fire! leg of lamb and grilled octopus!!! it was scary at first but once i took a bite out of it I realized I actually like it! Then we headed to st. petersburg pier for a bit! Lovely place tons of pelicans 🙂 I am exploding with pictures that I will share with you guys when I get back home 🙂

With love from Florida!!!




Greetings from Florida!

Hi dahlings!!!
I am MIA for a good reason because I am in the lovely land of Florida for a vacation! Its warm, sunny and food is delicious! It was a last minute decision where one minute I am sitting in my office working and then frantically running home to pack and leave in a matter of few hours. All my family and friends know I am a planner and think 20 times before you making a move so this has been pretty thrilling and I realized I actually enjoy this more! Right now I am a car ride away from an unplanned trip to Orlando’s Adventure Island! cant wait to goo see the wizarding world of Harry potter! Pictures and reviews are coming soon as always 🙂

For now enjoy a picture of GiGi’s Bakery cupcakes!!! Super delicious