Back to Classics: Black and White

Hi Sweeties,

This was my outfit on MLK Day. I wanted something casual yet slightly rough and tough. I also havent worn all black in a while so I decided to opt for black and white. All we did was go out to eat and then run some errands. Midway through the day I developed a horrible migraine (On going issue cause of my allergies and having mold in my place which we are moving from in 15 days!) I was going to give up on not taking pictures but I was like you know what I am going to do it! I am going to push. I always think about the models on American’s Next Top Model who have to go through crazy things to get a good picture taken. Clearly I didnt have the top model strength cause the pictures actually show my pain lol. Need to work harder on that I guess.





Boots: Dansko

Button Up: H&M

Skinny Jeans: Snake Print – H&M

Vest: H&M

Watch: Fossil