Your Weekly Style Shopper: Painting the Night Cobalt Blue

I am so glad it’s Friday! Last work day of the week and now that I refuse to touch work from home I actually enjoy my days off! No more constant thinking about my to do list! I am so not looking forward to going to the mall this weekend…I am nearly broke and I just noticed online all the cool stuff H&M just put out! Sigh….I guess I work this hard to dress myself right?

This weeks bargain items got slightly pricier this probably the most expensive set I have ever came up with but unfortunately it is one of my top faves and I am planning to buy all of these items for sure! The initiation of this outfit started when I was at the mall last weekend and saw these printed pants at H&M my first reaction -I dont ever see myself wearing them – then somehow the pants started to grow on me, in my head I started seeing ideas of how I can incorporate it in my closet. Then yesterday when I did my Mens Fashion post on Cobalt blue as the color of Fall 2012 for men, I realized I would love to have some cobalt in my closet! Hence came the shoes, top and necklace! I work kindda backwards most people get inspiration from a celeb pictures or other bloggers pictures…thats the last thing I google after I am done putting together all my bargains cause if I am thinking about a trend, somewhere out there has worn it or something close to it 🙂 The birth of an idea should be in my own mind for me to drive satisfaction from my creations.

Necklace: Overstock Turquoise and Stone – $8.99

Pants: H&M – 24.95

Top: Forever 21 Lace Trim Peplum – $19.80

Shoes: Forever 21 Platform Pumps – 32.80