Weekly Style Shopper: Work is Important but so is Your Attire …Be fierce at your Job

Hi Sweeties,

This weeks theme for me was pencil skirts. Since I need new ones for my own job! I ran across this cute one at H&M and I feel its different due to the black waist band. Its not the typical grey or black. It’s actually both! I love the Polka Dot peplum top alot too and it comes with a cute belt! Totally worth buying!

I am not sure why but I have always had an obsession with pencil skirts they make you remain feminine but say I mean Business. Well at least in my head. When wearing such a busy top I think the jewelry can stay to a minimum but if you dont care you can take it up a notch by adding a nice bracelet or watch 🙂 Also shoes don’t have to match what you wear they can be your rebellious pop of a different color. It says am not just another typical worker you think I am dressed head to toe in the same color scheme…wait wait..no I am going to surprise you at every turn 🙂

        Work Friendly

Earrings: Charlotte Russe – $5.00

Skirt: H&M – $24.95

Shoes: Charlotte Russe – $20.00

Top: Forever 21 – $24.80