Eggspectation – Ellicott City, MD


Eggspectation is a restaurant that all of a sudden kept popping up for my attention everywhere I looked. Urbanspoon, groupon, my facebook feed and what not! I started to salivate when I finally decided to look up their menu and decided that we have to go there. I was expecting it to be like a run of the mill franchise restaurant when it comes to the ambiance but I was extremely surprised as I walked in the door and felt it was decorated for fall and had a small restaurant feel to it. My world was instantly transformed into a cozy little cottage with a bookshelf and a fireplace and eating pancakes on a dinning table full of friends. Oh maybe a scene out of Harry potter where all the wizarding students sit and eat their dinners. Ah this could just be my imagination running wild…mildly. The prices were alittle high ranging from 10 to 22 dollars for an entree which I wasn’t expecting but the food that we ordered wasn’t bad and the portions were pretty big.


Hubby and Mike ordered the eggstravaganza breakfast platters. Hubby substituted french toast for pancakes and I am glad he did cause we got to try both of those items and trust me they were delicious! The pancakes were fluffy and moist. And the french toast was the right amount of sweet and moist! The eggs were requested scrambled and were light , fluffy and airy as described by both boys (I rarely eat eggs by themselves cause they give me severe stomach ache) The potatoes that came with the platter were mild in flavor but there was something about it that just made them unique I wish hubby had more on his plate so I could have stolen more lol

I am not sure but I always pull random stunts like these where I go to a breakfast place and order a non breakfast item hence I ended up with cajun Alfredo pasta that came with butternut squash soup!Β  We decided to order fried green tomatoes as appetizer. The fried green tomatoes were delicious. The butternut squash soup was more like a dessert but that doesnt mean it wasn’t delicious. It gave me the warm and fuzzy feeling you expect from a pie! The cajun Alfredo Pasta was alright nothing terrible but nothing too exciting but but but…the leftovers when heated over the frying pan next day were unlike any other I have tasted before. The pasta had this sear on it which gave it a nice smokey taste. I jokingly told my husband that if I were to ever buy cajun pasta from there I’d bring the entire thing home to heat on the stove and eat cause it tastes extremely yummy that way.


So all in Eggspectation met my Eggpectations….yeah while waiting for food we played this game where we added eggs in all the “e” words we used …dorky? yes….but thats who we are and thats why I love my time hanging out with the boys so much.


6 thoughts on “Eggspectation – Ellicott City, MD

    • Ah lucky you that you knew about this gem all along! I am going to make it a regular spot. Will try the hollandise as per your suggestion. They have such an eggstensive menu…sorry couldn’t help myself there lol dorky me

      • omg! We were planning to go to Victoria’s gastro pub yesterday for the duck fat fries (never been there yet) but then everyone wanted to go to duclaws at arundels mills instead…so we went there instead…well now that you are recommending them will hit that place soon :). Yes I am from around here! Well atleast for the past 12 years….soooo cool to find you on here πŸ™‚

      • oh you should checkout duclaws if you get a chance. I love their lamb burger, cajun chicken sandwich and beef brisket..I am sure there is more but I tend to stick to my faves πŸ™‚ We should totally do a blogger meet up! Bloggers from MD! yay

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