My Christmas wishlist

Hi Dahlings,

I have been super busy with work and I literally have had no time but to come home, eat dinner and on certain occasions squeeze in tiny amount of gym time before bed. I have been missing talking to you all so much. The more erratic my life has been the crazier I have been at shopping. Not only I have incorporated millions of dresses in my wardrobe which I used to lack badly last year, I also went on a shopping spree at H&M for work related pencil skirts. They have a major sale going on. After all this I still have quite a few items on my christmas wishlist that I am hoping someone else in the family will grab for me 🙂 So lets begin the show and tell:


H&M Red Slit Dress 


Guess Faux Fur Jacket


Mavy Savvy Mini Satchel 


H&M Yellow Pleated skirt  

zipped pencil

Mavy Savvy Zippered Pencil Skirt  


Mavy Savvy Jean Jacket


Anthropologie Dress

Curl your hair in less than 5 minutes! Kiss Instawave review!

Hi Darlings,

Christmas is around the corner and we are looking forward to dressing up and looking pretty. For me achieving curly hair has been impossible till I got my hands on the Kiss Instawave! My hair even with hairspray will loose the curls in a few minutes to hours but I when I tried the instawave my curls lasted not only all day but were still in my hair after a good night’s sleep and I didn’t even use hairspray on it! Check out my youtube video for full review of Instawave and how easy it is to use it. Then check out Kiss Instwave’s website: order one for yourself or any girl in your life that needs long lasting beautiful curls 🙂