Midseason Haul: Extreme Bargain buys :)

Hi sweeties,

Finally got a chance to edit and upload this video. Checkout the haul video for some amazing bargain things that I found. Especially if you live anywhere near Florida, New York, Philly and Delware then you are in perfect luck cause you have the bargain store at a close distance to you.

For a Good Cause- Beyonce H&M for water Haul! Bikinis and Dresses

Hi lovelies,

I recorded the haul last week when the line came out needed some time away from exams and such to edit the video and put it up so finally here it is!

I bought everything that I was dying to buy from the line and for those of you who are thinking and feeling guilty about buying into the whole collaboration fad going around this one is for a good cause. H&M for water is a charity where 15% off the sale proceeds from the Mrs.Carter (Beyonce) for H&M line will go to build and provide water in impoverished countries. So it is not that bad after all πŸ™‚

Enjoy the video and let me know what pieces are your favorite or possibly are already part of your closet πŸ™‚

Haul- Lilly Pulitzer, H&M Mid-Season Sale, Target

Hi Sweeties,

Finally the editing is done in time so you can go ahead and enjoy some of the loot I grabbed from H&M, Target and Lilly Pulitzer.Β Can’t wait to wear some of the items especially the Spring Coat and the studded tops πŸ™‚ Let me know if there is a specific piece that speaks to you or you have in your closet as well!

Mega Haul: Last minute Holiday Deals, Target and Neiman Marcus Collab, H&M and more

Hi sweeties!

So I had been swamped with insane amount of work and I am officially on Holiday break from work. Yes perks of working at a University. You work yourselves to the bone then they give you tons of free days off around the Holiday season to refresh and recoup! Which means regular postings from my end =D

I thought this haul video will be a perfect for last minute gift ideas and deals that you can snag from H&M and Target. Some of these items have been in Ads have been wanted by many etc etc and now they are on SALE! Get them while they are still in stock πŸ™‚

I missed you all soooo much! Did you guys miss me?

Haul Video: Falls Must Have Fashion Trends Haul! H&M and Coach

Oh God I couldn’t wait any longer to edit and upload this video for so I could share some of my amazing finds with you all! I have a second video recorded and set to go out during this week and that one packs even more faves of mine then this one!!! You need to check it out asap because the stores are still loaded with these items and they are all pretty inexpensive and very much in for this Fall and winter.

Can you guess which ones are my faves? If you come to my blog often enough this should be an easy task haha.

Today has been a pretty relaxed Saturday for me for a change. I worked out ate breakfast and have been lounging around for once. It feels amazing having to do nothing!

I am planning to do more Halloween related posts in the next few days since I am planning a halloween party and it is one of my fave celebrations each year! So keep checking back πŸ™‚

Haul time on Chicly Cute : Fashion and Makeup! H&M and Beyond

Hi dahlings,

I have to share two of my most fave fall buys with you guys today and tons of make up products that I got o my hands on by Elf! The time it took me to make and edit this video I have worn the heck out of the cute blazer and gotten a million compliments on it! Trust me you don’t want to miss this one out πŸ™‚

At this moment I am gearing to make yet another haul video …oops went shopping twice already and then foootballl Sundayyyyy! House is jam packed with snack and we all are ready to scream our lungs off at the TV screen πŸ™‚

Black and Lace the ever Classic: OOTD Video

Hey lovelies!

I was super excited to put on this outfit when we were headed to the mall and then to an awesome dinner date only to realize it started pouring outside 😦 Which meant no place to shoot pics of this outfit! I improvised by making a quick video and snapping a picture at home! Maybe this will be my unfair weather friend idea since I just heard this year would be a bad winter for the Upper East coast tons of snow in forecast for us!
Well I am still trying to see a positive to the whole crazy weather thing. I work at a University so that means more snow days for me πŸ™‚ Last year was expecting to jump with joy like a College Student whenever School close but that never happened *womp womp womp*

I am already getting excited for the coming Holiday season starting with Halloween. Wondering who I will be this year …I so want to be Captain America!

Enjoy and let me know what you think of the Outfit Video post instead of a regular Outfit pictures post?


Check out the Outfit Video for all the details of the outfit!

Frenemies- A Fun guide on how to deal with them

Hi dahlings,

I woke up this morning and was reading a magazine when I read about some woman’s face off with a frenemy thats when it hits me that I have a couple! This youtube video is my fun quirky way of discussing the monsters amongst us and how to deal with them πŸ™‚

As always comments and suggestions are welcome. Enjoy your labor day weekend πŸ™‚

Fall H&M Haul Video, Fall Fashion Trends. Bonus: how to get your hair long and healthy

Hi Dahlings,

Finally got a chance to edit this video of my Haul from about a lil over a week ago! I really honestly missed the show and tell and giving tips on upcoming trends! I also talk about a hair item that I used as a child and it kept my hair healthy, thick and shiny! I have been using it for about 2 weeks now which so check out the video for details πŸ™‚

H&M Summer Sale going on right now!

Hi dahlings!

I finally got a chance to edit and update this video today. I have too much going on currently both at work and personal life! I am seriously wishing there was a way to add more hours to my day! I am going to bed every night thinking! Ah should have finished that today or should have responded to that person’s email or text! It is not helping that the more and more stressed out I get the more rest I need and I am trying my best to keep my sundays free of everything! Just me relaxing by the pool or doing things that I like minus the errands.Β  Is it working out? Not really but hey atleast I am trying πŸ™‚ Are the rest of you just as stressed and hoping there was a time fairy that will bring in 20 more hours a day in your life?

Yesterday Hubby and I went to the first ever Food truck competition between Baltimore and DC trucks! There will be a post coming soon in regards to thatΒ  with pictures and info of some of the trucks I will be following around! I also got the chance to hang out with my lovely sis Debbie later in the evening. Over all it was a fun filled day. Anyway Enjoy the video shares your thoughts, opinions and things you got on sale recently πŸ™‚