Fitness 101: Sudden Motivation and how to attain it!

Hey Guys,

Here is a picture of me from 2 weeks ago for motivation, sans makeup and hair perfection and oh I put on shorts without having exercised for 1 and a half month….lets get real here on my blog.


  Been a while since I last did a fitness post or any post for that matter lol. But trust me my fitness posts are only going to get better because I have realized why most people have a lack of motivation when it comes to exercising and how you can go about finding the right motivation!

So I am in an uber hyped about the new Beyonce for H&M line or better Mrs Carter for H&M. Now you are wondering what does that have to do with my fitness post? Well let me explain. Most of us look at the media day in and day out. We look at magazine covers and what not and feel sad about the few bad spots on our body. It can range anywhere from I wish was shorter to I wish a leaner, to I wish was more tan or more curvy or less curvy etc. You get the idea right? We then one day decide to kick start our fitness routine and try our best to eat right and drink right and workout right to look like some super model that looks NOTHING close to what we can ever attain! I mean I am South asian, 5’4 and quite curvy due to being short and if I try to look like Giselle, its really not going to happen. So here comes Beyonce in the picture. Yes yes I know I am not black either lol BUT and this is big BUT we have some similarities in our body types! Beyonce although quite tall compared to me is still curvy. Very curvy at that. She is mastered the art of sculpting her curves into the right proportions and it looks good! No I don’t want to be her clone but it gives you motivation because you see a body similar to yours and you know its attainable maybe not a 100% but its a good motivation to LOOK IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

Now here is another bonus that you can look for when you are trying to set your eyes on a role model for your fitness: TRY TO FIND SIMILARITIES IN INTEREST. If you want to attain that body and follow a regime similar to that of your fitness role model you need to LIKE what they do! Quite easy for me cause Beyonce is a performer she loves to dance. I love to dance. I have been telling people around me for the past entire year that majority of my exercise is achieved by dancing. Ofcourse you can’t just get away with one form of activity you have to add alittle bit of this and alittle bit of that. Don’t forget to eat right. I’ll be dumping boat loads of posts in your lap soon in regards to healthy snacking!

And at the end of the day understand you don’t want to be Beyonce. You want to be YOURSELF! The best you can be, the healthiest you can be. You dont have to do crash diets and try to get it this summer. Little changes over time will get you to your ideal body and help you stay there. Crash diets will work for this summer and then come Fall you’d be right back where you started.

Who is ready start getting fit with me? Lets keep in touch by hitting that follow button trust me you wont be disappointed 🙂