Weekly Style Shopper: Halloween Special Arabian Princess/Belly Dancer

Hey Guys,

I am still continuing the tradition of finding things already in our closets or things that we can buy to wear on Halloween but continue using them as clothing way after Halloween has passed. When you buy costumes you spent big bucks on them and then they just sit in your closet. Not this Halloween I won’t let you do that 🙂

This outfit is sorta Princess Jasmine inspired but Harem pants in mint are hard to come by. I decided to do a maxi skirt with crop top take on it. You can always continue wearing the maxi skirt and crop top way after Halloween is a distant memory. Also body jewelry is a big trend right now. If you have body chains then that would be a good replacement for this head plate. But this is something that women in certain cultures (including mine) wear pretty often for parties. So this can bring in your cultural side out. And ofcourse Gold shoes already belong in our closets so you might already have some handy. If not you cant go wrong owning a pair. This outfit will work if you already have a maxi skirt or crop top in matching color. Just add some body jewelry and you can claim to be a Princess from the Arabian World or an expert Belly Dancer.

Let me know what you think 🙂



Crop top: Charlotte Russe- $10 (on Sale)

Pleated Maxi Skirt: Forever 21- $12.46 (on Sale)

Metal Head Piece: Go Jane- $10.40

Metallic Gold Flats: Target- $19.99

Weekly Style Shopper: Halloween Costume Special (Stuff Already in your Closet)

Hi Lovelies!

I have a very real reason why I have been MIA! I have been actually super sick to the point where my entire week was spent in and out of bed. I even had to take days off and half days off from work. So please forgive me but here I am with a new twist to our Weekly Style shopper post. I am going to do a weekly Halloween Costume special this entire month. I will try to find us items that are currently already in our closet or freely available in stores or online that are on trend. So you will not be wasting your money on buying something that you will never use again! (Ah minus costume jewelry but we will keep it to a minimum)

My first fave outfit which I had done in my college days for a Costume Staff meeting, was Catwoman. It was the easiest and most versatile outfit. Back then I found a pair of leggings and a black fitted tank top. Created my own face mask with construction paper and cat ears as well! Simple and easy and everyone will know who exactly you are.

Why this outfit is currently on trend? We are all currently seeing alot of Leather! Alot of high waisted stuff as well as crop tops. Lets combine it all together and we get the catwoman outfit! The more leather you have in your closet the better. If not you can invest in some because this fall and winter you will be wearing that out on the streets anyway. Otherwise even if you have one or two leather pieces it would work out just fine! You can create your own mask by using construction paper or by buying the cheap one I highlighted on my post below. If you have a crop top already in your closet but it has no sleeves then there is still no problem because we have seen catwoman go sleeveless over the years as well!  Plus who doesnt have a pair of boots already in the closet? And if you don’t have one well you are probably already planning to buy a pair for this fall cause they are all the madness.

Let me know what you think!


Boots: Shiekh Shoes $29.97

Crop Top: Forever 21 $17.80

Leather Leggings: Forever 21 $15.80

Catwoman Mask: Newegg $5.99


Your Weekly Style Shopper: Leather can be Sophisticated this Fall

Hi sweeties,

I can not get enough of leather or well imitation leather which ever one you prefer. I for one am clearly fine with either. I look the toughness and roughness leather brings when you incorporate it in your outfit but this fall what I am personally trying to attain is a more put together, sophisticated classy leather look. Something more feminine. And I have been obsessed with Leather paneled leggings ever since they debuted recently. I thought what better way to maintain your sophistication by wearing them with a fitted cardigan or cardigan style top. If that is paneled? EVEN BETTER! Ofcourse we can never have enough burgundy in our closets during the Fall season so I wanted to immediately pair my black leather pants/leggings with some burgundy colored accessories. The chain link on the shoes bring somewhat of tie in between the leather and the charm of a cardigan and then we add the matchstick necklace to tie that in  further. I could have opted for some boots but then ofcourse throws us over to the roughness again that we see in moves, magazines and on the street with leather clad ladies everywhere. You can even add some lace to the combo (not pictured here) but that would make this some more feminine.

Let me know what you think and how are you pulling off your leather this Fall?


Cardigan: H&M $24.95

Leather Paneled Leggings: Forever 21 $15.80

Necklace: Forever 21 $6.80

Sandals: Shiekh Shoes $36.99

Weekly Style Shopper: Olive is your friend this fall

Hi lovelies,

This outfit came to life when I first walked into H&M about a little over a week ago to check out what I wanted to score from Giselle for H&M Fall collection. I bought three things from the line the two jackets and these imitation leather pants.  I wore the craziness out of my black pleather pants last Fall and winter and thought immediately since Olive and Army green is sucha huge thing this Fall and winter this cheap yet highly quality pants would fit right into my wardrobe. These are also going to be warmer then any other leggings you own because they have somewhat of a warm material on the inside which almost feels like very very thin fleece. These also give the appearance of a legging but they are actually pants with zips on the side of your waist.

I am still not over peplum tops and I saw some really good ones at Express. They are made of the perfect stretchy material to give you the oomph where you need it and hide the problem spots if you have any. I also loved the two toned color block concept on the front of the top and the two toned pipping and  zip on the back. This gives your outfit a whole new meaning. The front is different then the back so people might just have to double take once they pass you and blink their eyes to get it all right. I think the best way to wear this outfit will be with some cute classy booties to add some edge but you can always put some heels on if you want a more chic look.

Let me know if you are looking forward to everything Olive this fall and winter?




Booties: Payless $39.99

Necklace: Forever 21 $6.80

Pants: H&M $9.95

Top: Express $29.90

Weekly Style Shopper: Rock your Denim trend the Feminine way

Hi sweeties,

If you have been to the mall recently you will see most stores are putting up tons and tons of denim in their windows, on their front tables by the entrance. And its not just denim trousers or pants. We are talking about denim tops, dresses and jackets. I know some people have a hard time figuring out how to wear denim from head to toe or just plain dont feel comfortable doing it. Well let me show you a way where you can rock the denim trend and still feel super girly and chic. Just because you are wearing denim doesnt mean you are dressed casual. You can dress your denim up with LACE! and statement necklaces.

I actually just recently bought a denim shirt and to be honest.I think it is the shirt that I used in the photograph here. Dont be surprised if you see me rocking this outfit in the next couple of days as an outfit post because my heart is set on it. My only little issue : THOSE CUTE DENIM SHOES! Unfortunately there is no Shiekh store in my state so I can’t put my hands on those cutesy denim shoes and some of you are aware I wear othrotics so who knows if they will fit in those shoes or not. I am going to go on a look out for a similar pair of shoes. The price on the shoes is pretty amazing too 12 bucks? Ah….I WANT THEM SOOO BAD.

Onto our statement necklace. As good as they look on a solid round neck shirt. You will be surprised to find out they also look pretty gorgeous with a button up shirt if you button it up all the way and then plop on the statement necklace on top of the shirt. Go on try it infront of your mirror with pieces you already own- you are going to fall in love with this trend 🙂

Lace skirts are the epitome of femininity and they can make anything look super girly hence pairing the denim shirt with a lace skirt is the most ideal way of getting a super girly outfit and still rocking the denim trend.


Lace Skirt: Forever 21- $24.80

Necklace: Forever 21- $7.80

Shoes: Shiekh Faddy – $12.99

Top: H&M – $24.95

Weekly Style Shopper: Labor Day Weekend Special

Hi lovelies,

Here we are again on a Friday again searching and hunting for bargain deals that I can share with you guys and this time around I wanted to keep Labor day in mind since it is this Monday. Alot of us will be going to cook outs and picnics. And I thought what would be best to wear? A hi-low flowery dress. It will be perfect to bid farewell to warm weather as well as I don’t know why I always feel maxis can sometimes get humid down under…if you catch my drift. And no not there!! get your mind out the gutter lol. But a Hi-low dress would be perfect and airy to let your legs and thighs breath while seating on plastic chairs and not get glued to them haha.

I also thought the best way to bring out the flowery details in this simple black dress would be by wearing one prominent color that is in the dress print. To keep it girlie we can go with pink accessories but if you are not a pink girl you can switch the accessories to white or for late evening to even gold.

I am not sure what direction my weekend will head to but all I care is relax alittle bit more as school has just started back up and my work schedule is bound to get crazy soon too. I have some BIG NEWS to share with you guys in regards to my health but I guess we can wait on that a bit. I will reveal it with my next outfit post.

Let me know what you are planning to do for your Labor Day weekend and feel free to share what you wore.



Dress: Forever 21 – $22.80

Earrings: Love Culture – $2.95

Belt: Forever 21 – $5.80

Sandals: Charlotte Russe – $11.99

You weekly Style Shopper: Beat the Summer Heat in Crop and Crochet

Hi sweeties,

I know weekly style shopper has been MIA for a bit but its making a come back and should be posted every week like it used to be. Now lets talk about a trend that I have been aching to put on since the beginning of this summer but haven’t had a chance thanks to me being injured and unable to workout causing me to gain a bit of belly weight is- CROP TOPS! but crop tops don’t always have to mean that we have to show some skin when we are feeling uncomfortable. A good way to wear crop tops and not show too much skin is to pair it up with high waisted shorts, pants or skirts of any length. And then adding some pieces of statement jewelry, neat looking metallic rings and shoes to make the outfit stand out. I found the cutest looking shoes at Charlotte Russe. I don’t think I have seen sandals quite like this so I knew I had to build an outfit around them. Let me know what you think.

P.S feel free to let me know if you are interested in any specific styles that are out for summer or upcoming fall. Any special events you would like me to suggest outfits for etc.

Summer Crops,Crochet and Highwaits

Crop Top: Forever 21 – $8.80
Crochet Sandals: Charlotte Russe – $28.50
Skater Skirt: Charlotte Russe -$16.99
Necklace: H&M – $9.95

Your Weekly Styler Shopper: Military Olive Classy Rough ft Anne Hathaway

Hi lovelies!

So I am going to get back into my regular posting schedule! The moving was done last weekend and it kicked my behind real bad. We have a lovely brand new place but hard part was we are on the 3rd floor. Yup this place got sold out real quick before they even finished constructed the buildings so we got the last one available. I recorded my last haul video in my last apartment that is in desperate need of some editing and will hopefully go up soon so watch out for that!

Valentines Day was meh for me not that I care alot about such events to me its about being together, having awesome dinner and dressing up but I was at work all day and then had class till 10pm. I picked up some delicious dinner on my way back from class so we enjoyed that in our apartment which to me still feels like some fancy hotel when I wake up in the morning.

So the last I posted my Weekly Style shopper we were goings nuts with oxblood and reds but guess what? We are making it big this season with Olive green! I am seeing it everywhere! And I couldnt stop oogling this Olive blazer from H&M. Lets hope when I go to the mall next its ready and available for me in my size lol. I wanted this look to be chic yet tough. The blazer and light weight tee brings in the chic part and the olive green, skinny jeans, tough boots and patch of faux leather bring out the toughness! Trust me people will be guessing all night who the mystery lady is that is dressed in such a daring outfit. This is one of the outfits I have done for my foot that I will hope to wear asap once the weather on the east coast gets warmer. Weather is kind of weird here right now we had 52 degrees today after snow yesterday and then we are going to have some more snow tomorrow and sunday…..crazy weather!

    military Chic

Boots: Charlotte Russe on Sale right now – $24.99

Blazer: H&M – $39.95

Skinny Jeans- H&M – $14.95

Tee- Forever 21- $11.80

Weekly Style Shopper: Black and Red Lace Valentines Special!

Hi dahlings!

I had a break in blogging again but it was the first week of graduate School for me. Its interesting to be in class again and both of my classes have group projects which I guess is a blessing and curse all in one. You are dependent on others and have to meet up at certain points but then you have help if you ever are stuck or need ideas.

Anyway among the school starting, work still piled up at my job and moving commotion I realized I completely forgot we are in February and Valentines Day is around the corner. I always wore red on valentines day whether I was single or taken. I just love black and red combo and adding lace to it has been my fave way to wear the combo. Lace shoes just enough skin to draw attention and not be raunchy. It can be very vampirish looking but I have always had a soft spot for vampires growing up even way before the whole True Blood and Twilight fad. Actually Twilight turned me off the vampires a little bit.

Anyways I saw this dress at Love Culture and I was completely in love. It is the perfect style for this year as well since its a Hi- Lo Dress. It will keep your dates eyes on you all night. And if you are hanging out with your group of friends you’d still be the lady of the night! I prefer since its such a classic red and black lace dress we can keep the jewelry and shoes simple. I think the suede shoes will make it more lady like and classic vs plasticy looking patent ones. What do you think?


Bangles: Forever 21 – $6.80

Dress: Love Culture – $23.90

Necklace: Forever 21 – $5.80

Shoes: Payless – $19.99

Weekly Style Shopper: Work is Important but so is Your Attire …Be fierce at your Job

Hi Sweeties,

This weeks theme for me was pencil skirts. Since I need new ones for my own job! I ran across this cute one at H&M and I feel its different due to the black waist band. Its not the typical grey or black. It’s actually both! I love the Polka Dot peplum top alot too and it comes with a cute belt! Totally worth buying!

I am not sure why but I have always had an obsession with pencil skirts they make you remain feminine but say I mean Business. Well at least in my head. When wearing such a busy top I think the jewelry can stay to a minimum but if you dont care you can take it up a notch by adding a nice bracelet or watch 🙂 Also shoes don’t have to match what you wear they can be your rebellious pop of a different color. It says am not just another typical worker you think I am dressed head to toe in the same color scheme…wait wait..no I am going to surprise you at every turn 🙂

        Work Friendly

Earrings: Charlotte Russe – $5.00

Skirt: H&M – $24.95

Shoes: Charlotte Russe – $20.00

Top: Forever 21 – $24.80