Your Weekly Style Shopper: Its not just any Fall..It’s Falling Red this season! Ft Amerie

Before I even realized red was going to hit it big this fall in all different shades from blood red to bright red to burgundy or oxblood I had bought myself a red blazer in the brightest red possible! I am still struggling to not put it on everyday as I walk out the door! Its my one fave wardrobe item that I am not getting enough facetime with! And was it a surprise when one of my coworker asked me this week if red’s my fave color? Yes to it was! I thought no body noticed my strategic wearing of my red capris, red blazer and red pencil skirt more than any other item I currently have in my closet 🙂

Anyhow I thought Blazers were always sophisticated at one point I thought they were almost too mommy like or office wear. But the recent trending completely changed my outlook on them. I am loving blazers in alittle edgier looks with shorts and tights oh not to forget leather! I wanted to dedicate this weeks post to Blazers and not in just color but the color Red! The Romper makes the look really classy and the shiny snake print pumps kick the look up a notch! When other see you coming down the street they wont know what hit them! All the pieces are unique but they work pretty well together and none of the items over power each other. Perfect Balance and harmony.

Let me know if you are falling for red blazers like I am?



Blazer: H&M – $19.95

Romper: Venus – $21.00

Leggings- Bloomingdales – $13.50

Shoes- Promiscuous 6pm -$17.70


Make me smile leave a comment :)

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